KL Trip/Song Composition Contest

December 24, 2012

FINALLY after weeks, here's the very very short post on my very very short trip with my bro and friends to KL for Sandra's song composition competition ^^ please forgive th lack of pictures, we didn't really take a lot :| enjoy reading though :D

we gathered at Sandra's shop at about 9am and left at 11am. my second time riding a train in malaysia yo XD 

i gotta admit, i like it because its not so bumpy. the seats aren't quite as comfy as a bus's are though. anyway, remember how last time i got to watch Green Lantern? this time, Sherlock Holmes was playing. I've watched it before so i just slept through the journey. it was relaxing actually :) the temperature was perfect and i haven't had some sleep for quite some time *running man requires very late hours XD* we reached KL at about 1.30pm.

we checked in at the Capitol Hotel :D 

after that, we headed for KLCC! ^^ they had their christmas decor up too :D

since Sandra and Yoke Mun hadn't watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet, Sandra booked tickets :)

we ate lunch at DOME. its quite pricey but the burgers were HEAVEN. or was it just because i was super hungry? XD 

there was a korean couple beside us. the girl was pretty :)

blur photo of the girl in the background XD

we walked around KLCC and just decided to stay at Ben's, a cafe, while waiting for our movie. 

its a nice place that i'd like to revisit ^^ there were these nice cards that had conversation starters and everything.

the second one reminded me of Anterograde Tomorrow!
*PS Banana Chocolate is...a weird smoothie flavor x.x the lemon iced tea was...super sour @.@ but the cake was nice ^^*

we had a nice long chat there ^^ *patly because we couldn't finish the chocolate banana smoothie and the iced lemon tea @.@*

the movie was nice *of course, i already watched it x)*
watching it in a BIGGER screen was fun XD

*took these after watching the movie. OMG look at that tummy! /.\*

back at the hotel, we messed around and went crazy playing in our room XD me wore face masks before going to sleep. we didn't even bother with eating dinner. we were so stuffed :O

the next morning we got up real early. i was assigned to go out and buy breakfast. i was initially gonna buy at Subway, but i found out that it wasn't open yet :O there wasn't a McDonald's nearby, so i had to settle for KFC :(

Sandra and Yoke Mun's makeup artist, Joey, came and she was a really nice person. pretty too :D they had their make up done before we checked out of the hotel.

the competition was held at The Venue at Pavillion. Pavillion had these nice Swarovski embedded carriages on display ^^ their Christmas decor was nice too!

We got at The Venue at 10. the rehearsal was at 11, the competition started at 2 and ended at 5. no lunch in between :O

omg Yokemun looks different with make up O.O

it took quite a long time :( but almost all of the songs were nice! there were 27 originally composed songs chosen from the whole country in a year-long search. 

sadly, Sandra's song didn't make it to the the finals/top10 :( but she said she it was ok since she got so far, although she still felt sad.

we had dinner at the train station *KFC again*. the ride back home was a relaxing one again XD although things didn't turn out as well as we thought they'd do, we had a good time the whole 35 hours the 4 of us were together :)

here's the video that my bro made:

finally done with this post *blame it on my laziness ><*
its now 4am! 20 MORE HOURS TILL CHRISTMAS! ^^
imma sleep now :O

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