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December 2, 2012

its been a long time XD

i won't be able to do that review of Breaking Dawn part 2 that i was planning on cos:
1. Everyone's always hogging the computer and when i do get to use it, i have no...mood to write :(
2. Quite lazy ><

anyways, i've seen another awesome movie though: Death Note! ^^ back then i didn't get why everybody liked it so much, but now i do XD go L! go Light! go Ryuk! ^^ at the end of the movie *not the anime one*, Light passes the Death Note to Misa. i actually decided to waych the movie after coming across a tutorial video of Misa by bubzbeauty XD i want a second movie with Misa in it!

anyways, MAMA 2012 was a few days ago, and it was great! ^^ i was in Penang with my parents *just us three, no siblings* and we went shopping ^^ Padini was having a super crazy sale! everything minimum 50% off!! @.@ OMG my mum's feet and mine were hurting before, but when we got there, we just went crazy XD we got to buy almost RM500 worth of clothes ><

anyways, i rushed my parents to hurry home and when wr reached, i already missed 5 performances :( it was still 10pm though ^^ *broadcast start in Malaysia at 9.30 and ended at 1.30! ^^*
the stage wasn't as nice as last year's stage, and SNSD, 2NE1, miss a and the Wonder Girls weren't there :| bummer. EXO was though ^^ everytime the camera got them on screen, i would scream and fanboy XD during their stage with SHINee i nearly fainted @.@ i was...molesting my TV XD during their award speech it was like:

Kris: Da ga hou!


beside from discovering another nice Wang Lee Hom song,  another nice discovery was CJ&M's new chinese group that had 2 korean members, Timez :D i love their song, its so catchy! ^^ 追求完美的偶像万万岁!!

i reached my limit on Twitter only after watching only about an hour -,- so i just spammed on Facebook XD some people said that even though they weren't watching, they knew what was happening cuz i kept on...spamming their news feed XD

i will be the mc of MAMA 2017! I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT! >< *yeah right keep dreaming*
i'm now watching Running Man XD i've watched the IU&Park Ji Sung special, the Olympic special and the Idol special last night ^^ ended up sleeping at 5am /.\ ohmy.
anyways bye bye for now! ^^


ps. i was gonna do another blogpost on this but because of the current situation...
anyways, happy 200,000 views! ^^ that's 1/5 of a million now! ^^

pps. my skin is feeling so mucj better XD toner and moisturizer does wonders. in this picture i have a pimple though -,- and my face kinda looks fat...oh well x)

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