the end of the world

December 21, 2012

yes. today is the end of the world...NOT XD

today, after 4 hours of work at Sandra's place, Naomi, Sandra, Yoke Mun and I headed to Jusco :D tomorrow is Sandra's birthday! so we decided to go out~ we had lunch and went to KBOX for karaoke first @.@

the room we got had all these bears holding mics XD

as i'm writing this blogpost, i'm listening to Li Jia Wei's Jian Ao (Suffering) :D its so good! i only though of downloading it now >< i even downloaded a male cover :D

here's the MV *its kinda...err...rated :|*

her voice is so high! :D but the lyrics are very meaningful. here's the guy version i found by Jimmy Shui:

after KBOX we headed to the cinemas to watch a movie :D its a Singaporean movie and its quite good! it's focused on SG's National Service :D

Ah Ken, Lobang, IP Man and Aloysius FTW! XD

we had dinner at 2 plus 1, a steamboat place, to celebrate Sandra's competition thingy~ even though she didn't get into the finals, she still worked hard and it was a good experience ^^

i only have about RM600 as my budget for the phone that i want to buy T^T I WANT IT! i still need about RM200++ T^T why is this happening to me?! should i just save up some more? T^T

i was quite happy today, but because of this...

right now i'm sad :(

so i've put Jian Ao on repeat on my ipod XD
*time to emo*

good night :)

please pray that i can find RM200++ on the floor tomorrow so that i can buy a new handphone for myself before Christmas :) *I MUST BE POSITIVE.*

*ps i bought this today :D finally!*

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