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December 24, 2012

its now 3am as im writing this, so it means...21 HOURS TILL CHRISTMAS! ^^

today my family decided to go shopping :3 at first we thought of going to Penang, but we finally agreed on going to Putrajaya instead :D we went to Sunway Lagoon! ^^

every time we travel, i take my shoes off, put my earphones in and just sleep x)

its my second time there *first when i went with Naomi, Sandra and Yokemun to watch BIGBANG's concert*, but it was my family's first time. their Christmas decor was quite nice :D 

we went ice skating! ^^ its only the second time in my life that i've done it :P but since i know how to use roller blades anyway, my first attempt in 2006 and my second attempt today were quite easy ^^ i feel like i wanna learn XD

i didn't get to buy a lot 'cause i'm saving up for my phone, but my sibling and i did manage to buy something at Marks & Spencer for my mum *shhhhhhhh don't tell*

another blog post coming up. i've finished uploading the not-so-pretty pictures :)

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