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December 23, 2012

today i got my salary from working at Sandra's place :D i got RM203 but since i owe my dad some money, only have RM175 right now :O the phone i wanna buy is RM900. my mum said she'll give me RM200 and if i sell my current phone, i might still get RM200 for it. So right now, i have an estimated RM600. since its Christmas time, the S Advance costs about RM850 in some places. that means i'm still missing RM250.

i thought my parents would be generous enough to provide the money still missing, but NOOOOOOOOOOO. ==
my phone's now 1 and a half years old! you didn't even buy it for me! you just gave it to me when you bought an iPhone for yourself! i want it so bad, but you can't even consider it? but this afternoon, you buy a pair of RM240 earrings 15 minutes after you see it?!

== so now i'm determined to earn that RM250. i'll ask every relative of mine for Christmas money if i have to. i'll do it for myself! i know i might sound arrogant, but from my perspective, its unfair that i don't ask them to buy expensive stuff for me often, and now this IMPORTANT, USEFUL THING that they only have to give half the price of cause i'll be giving the other half is something they can't buy?

T^T i'm just...sad. i got to hold it at the IT Fair just now and i didn't wanna let go T^T


ps. sad selca today :(

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