29-30.09.12 - HIKING + 中秋节PARTY + AEON

September 30, 2012


my school was having the entrance exam for the standard 6 students, so we had the day off ^^

Mr Khoo (Caryn's tuition teacher) took Naomi, Crystal, Caryn and I to Menglembu to go hiking again :D it was damn tiring! but in a way, i enjoyed it XD

we started at about 7:30. we were all smiles because we were so excited XD i loved the view!

there were a lot of people too~ i heard that the uncles and aunties came there regularly~

i dunno if i'm getting old or i'm just lazy, but in less than 20 minutes i was already panting -,- we stopped for a while near a stream of water :D it was very cool at that area.

then mr. Khoo said that the trail had only just begun -,- i was like: "WHAT THE". the trail slowly became steeper and steeper.

we took a few breaks along the trail and, just as expected, Crystal finished first XD SHE IS STRONG! 

when i got out i was like: "WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!". mr khoo asked us: "Which one is easier, studying or hiking?" we all screamed "STUDYING!!" XD. we climbed 4km up that mountain! ^^ we then took a leisurely 4km walk back down. *crystal and i was singing along to kpop songs and naomi & caryn said we sounded like cats*

we saw some monkeys on the way back too~ we took the longer way back coz i wanted to see a flower garden we passed by last time XD

then we headed home :3
naomi went down at crystal's house and caryn fetched me to wooley's *coz i wanted to buy wantan mee ><*

at about 7, i headed to crystal's hose because she was having a mid-autumn festival party! ^^ really glad that she invited me :) crystal's brother and sister's friends came as well. our group that night consisted of only me, naomi, crystal and benjoi XD he's a funny guy.

there was a lot of food O.O all delicious ^^ there was red wine!

we could also barbecue chicken wings and hotdogs. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME HOLDING AN UNCOOKED CHICKEN WING. LOL i didn't know how to poke it with the skewer XD but in the end i was successful! we all ate honey bbq chicken wings :) 

her sister and her friends played with candles and lanters *i played with candles all by myself ><*'

then at about 10.30 i headed home :) before leaving we took a few pictures~

i fetched naomi back to her house and we had a nice chat in my car XD

i will miss her when she goes to china next year :'( I WILL MAKE A LIST OF THINGS WE NEED TO DO BEFORE SHE LEAVES!

anyway, that's all for 29/09/12. i slept like a log XD


i was woken up at 6 something @.@ WHY SO EARLY? it was because we were going to church. lol good thing i'm used to waking up late.

after church, we headed to AEON for lunch :D i had OMU RICE! XD then i bought Hainan Tea.

after lunch, my dad and my two small brothers went to look at toys and my mum, bro, sis and i went shopping ^^ I LOVE THIS JACKET i saw in Padini!

i also saw this bag that was TO DIE FOR! @.@ i told my mum to get it for me as my christmas present XD but i'm scared that by christmas, it'll be gone! T^T i couldn't take a picture because this clerk was staring at me *maybe because i was hugging the bag the whole time i was there XD*

i saw some nice shirts at F.O.S too, but i wanted to buy shorts! i saw these nice purple shorts in the department store but my mum said they looked weird T^T

@.@ while my mum was shopping for her stuff, my bro, sis and i went to the photobooths XD it was so fun! the first one we went to was not so good because the camera lens was dirty

so we made sure to wipe the lens when we went the second time :)

XD we had fun decorating them and stuff. i didn't know doing this kind of stuff with my sibling would be fun~

anyhoo, that kinda sums up my day >< tomorrow is a holiday  *YES!* because today is the Mid-Autumn festival and tomorrow's holiday is to replace today's. HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL everyone! ^^

XD i just had to post this! EXO IS SO DAMN CUTE! ><

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