September 13, 2012

27 more days till my school's final exam! @.@ i'm getting nervous and i think i should start studying but i haven't even touched any of my books yet!

I downloaded Viki on my mum's iPad today, and i thought that it would be very nice and have all the newest dramas like PPS but sadly it only had a few dramas T^T one of them was Playful Kiss *which i watched several years back* and i figured, what the heck, why not watch it again? XD
i only watched the first two episodes and im LOVING it XD i forgot most of the details of the show and rewatching it just brought smiles to my faceeeeee :D

main reason why im posting is that im currently in the same situation as Hani now! @.@ i feel as if im the stupidest in my class, and i need to do well for this coming exam! XD if Hani only had one week and she did it, then i will too! i have almost one full month and imma utilize it! seeing Hani anf Seungjo made me feel like...studying XD im so in my drama mode right now that i feel like i should be studying like Hani XD i will go up the ranks! im currenlty ranked 20 something *i forgot ><* but this time imma be aiming for 11th to 20th!

my aims:
English: 85
Biology: 80
Chemistry: 80
Physics: 70
Basic Chinese: 70
Maths & Add Maths: 65 or 70 *i can't hope for a grade better than that in both my maths >< even passing it is already a miracle for me and my friends!*

FIGHTING TO ME! i hope everybody gets good grades this coming exam too and wish me good luck! if i do meet all of my aims, imma scan my report book and proudly show you all the grades that i worked hard for ^^

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