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September 23, 2012

nowadays i feel like my life is so dull @.@ and why don't i have any activities except from staying at home @.@ i do have hobbies but i don't get to pursue (??) them because its either my mum doesn't want to or for other reasons~

1. Dancing
SINCE I WAS SMALL i've wanted to go for dance lessons. but whenever i asked my mum she would say no and that it was a waste of time and money :( i felt guilty about asking about it and never asked again. i still dance on my own in my room and in my small small world i still hope that i can go for those classes in the future >< its always been a hobby of mine to dance alone like im crazy. note the word ALONE. XO im kinda embarrased about dancing in front of other people~

2. Taekwondo
i used to go for taekwondo classes but i stopped because my parents said it was inconvenient to fetch us to and fro @.@ i quite liked it because in a way it was a workout but u had to stop :( i just got my yellow belt then~

3. Tennis & Swimming
i want a sport so bad! tennis and swimming are two of those sports that intetested me but never had the guts to tell my parents about @.@ mg siblings have all went for music classes and quitted. i don't dare to ask my parents to let me go for these classes because, well, they cost money @.@

4. Singing
@.@ i know my voice sucks, but people can try right? x)

5. Korean
!! this is something i CAN go to, i just need to find some people to go with me, because the more in a class, the cheaper the tuition.

6. Photography
i've always envied people with them big cameras and long lenses @.@

im emo-ing right now ><
that's all for today's post.
i hope the weather tomorrow is cold~

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