September 4, 2012

really long time since my last blog post! >< been kinda busy in school with the annual school funfair and all~ i've still been updating my twitter and instagram though :D but i think wo xu yao yong wo de tumblr and facebook more too~
as i said, the funfair is almost here! 5 days to be exact. this year, we're doing a haunted house! ^^ its our first time doing it *in my past three years my classes did restaurants* and im SUPER excited! ^^ imma be a the grim reaper! ^^ i can't wait to...*ahem*...err...nevermind ><

yesterday and today was quite nice for me :D Naomi keeps on sticking to Bonnie ta men so i'm left all alone during classes :( but during tuition and just now, i kept on chatting with Huiying XD she is crazy!! i laugh dao crazy with her. but we both agreed on something: WE WANT TO GO TO UNIVERSITY IN AUSTRALIA! @.@ its seems so nice there!

on the way home today, i was falling asleep in Naomi's car when suddenly i heard "I CAN TELL YOU'RE LOOKING AT ME, I KNOW WHAT YOU SEE. ANY CLOSER AND YOU'LL FEEL THE HEAT! GG!" XD it was playing on! i didn't know that english radio played kpop :O i don't listen to the radio that often anymore, so yeah. after the song, Natalie *the dj* said "That was SNSD with The Boys!'s PSY with Gangnam Style!" i was like XDDDDDDD OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!!

nothing much going on in my life right now :| im as busy as hell in school and now i have a sore thoat + runny nose + dry cough :( SICK. sigh, get well soon, eros!

that's all for now :) cause of my sickness i feel so ugly right now :( depression much. but im Line-ing with people so i'm getting cheered up little by little inside x) if only my left nostril wasn't so dry that it hurts and my right nostril so wet that it drips :O
byeeee! ^^

p.s: follow me on twitter/instagram! i follow back! @fishmeatdie! ^^

p.p.s: i love this pic x) i look crazy and weh and weird but i felt so happy at that moment that im happy i captured it at that time x)

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