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September 27, 2012

i've been telling myself that i'll study but most of the time i just end up staring at my book, thinking of something else =,=

nowadays, i'm in love with two things: B.A.P and B2ST. yes, i put B.A.P's font bigger. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM MORE. @.@ ZELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! its so hard to believe that i'm the same age as him @.@ WHY. IS. THIS. HAPPENING.

i feel so old because of that /.\

anyways, i'm more like 80% B.A.P and 19% B2ST right now *there will always be room for EXO XD* 

to read my post about B.A.P, click here :D
to read my post about B2ST, click here :D

anyways, another thing coming up is an IT Fair! in the last IT Fair *which i didn't go to*, a friend of mine bought a samsung galazy tab for freaking RM10. SERIOUSLY. i need to go this time! imma go insane with my phone right now! @.@ its on the 5th till the 7th of October :D

other than that, its still same old same old :0 i just got back from school and i feel like studying (LOL, i FEEL like studying. but im blogging /.\). my friend has these awesome revision books that she bought from a friend of hers at half price, but i wanna buy my own set. one book is RM30 and i wanna buy 5 books /.\ what the.

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