Bang & Zelo - Never Give Up

September 27, 2012

i've heard the song ever since it was released and thought it was good, but never bothered to watch the MV @.@ and since i'm so into B.A.P right now *especially BANGLO* i watched it and ITS WAS SO GOOD a screamed my fanboy heart out XD does that make sense? anyway, imma do a review today, however late it might be :)


i like the high school concept. okay, i like it a LOT XD its so colourful! ^^ i wish my school was like this too :0

BANG YONG GUK LIKE A BOSSSS :D when i saw this part i was like "why can't i look that good when i sleep during class?" *especially during physics period* >< then i noticed Bang's hair and i'm like O.O i want to dye too T^T

then comes in ZELO! ^^ i heard that in real life he really loves skateboarding XD that's so cool!

SECRET's Hyosung is also in this MV ^^ she's so prettyyyyyyy

i love both of their voices @.@ ZELO RAPS SO FAST and BANG'S VOICE IS SO DEEP!

and how can you NOT love Zelo @.@

my print screen-ing skills suck XD

my school should have this, not just them boring announcements @.@

i've been thinking of this for a while. if the bell rings and everybody reacts like this, wouldn't that just be AWESOME?!

again, my print screen-ing skills suck XP

i like the dance! ^^

i ended up comaparing the MV to my school didn't i? XD ohh well, it really would be nice if schools everywhere were like this. that's all, i don't think i did a very good job of reviewing ><


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