September 11, 2012

i just realized that today is 911 O.O

really no mood to write nowadays :( i feel like i should update my blog more :(

last week i was busy with our school's funfair preparations and from now on till next month, i think imma be busy studying for my final exam :( ALL THOSE CHAPTERS @.@ but i need to study hard because in about 8 months, imma be sitting for my CIE exams! :O!!! so i think this holiday i'm not gonna be able to go out and play that much :(

plus, im gonna study hard for this final exam because i really really REALLY want a new phone and laptop XD my aunt in the US already has one for me, she just can't/doesn't want to give it to me...yet. i need to show my parents that im dedicated in my studies so that they'll buy me a new phone too :( THE STRESS IS KILLING ME, although i find myself doing almost NOTHING during my free time :@ so starting from this week, i'll TRY to start studying. *sigh*

anyways, last sunday *09/09/12* was my school's funfair! ^^ my class did a haunted house and it was fun! XD

in the 4 years that im studying in poi lam high, this is the first funfair where i didn't get to walk around :( kinda sad. but its okay coz i had a good time scaring people XD from 11.30 to 12.30 we were applying our makeup and from 12.30 to 3.00 i was in the dark hitting the walls with a stick and screaming at people @.@

another thing i KINDA regret this funfair is that i didn't take photos! T^T in the past three years i took pictures, but again, this is the first that i didn't. i kept on telling myself: "is there a camera that you can put in your eyes so that every time you
blink, you can take a picture?" x) yeah, im random like that.

esther came back too! :D i was happy to see an old friend come back ^^ jiachi and chiewtong came back too, but i didn't get a chance to take a picture with them :(

in the evening, i had a performance with the rest of the filipino students :) but i know that i sucked :(

today we used one day to clean up our class XD again, it was FUN! ^^ although i don't have pictures, its still a good memory :)

i'm planning on watching Katy Pery's movie Part of Me either this saturday or monday with naomi, caryn and sandra :D

at 10am today, they told us that we had the most number of coupons: 2168 coupons! :D but at 12pm, they announced that 1J6 had 3+++ coupons O.O YENG. ms leow really is awesome XD she was my class teacher in form 2 and helped us out last year :)

on the bus ride home today, i was dreaming of a phone @.@ that's how bad i really want a new phone! AHHHHHH @.@

anyways, that's all for this post :) sorry for the lack of pictures and i promise that if i do get a laptop, i will update everyday! XD

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