B2ST - I Like You The Best

September 27, 2012

i love this this MV! ^^ i've watched B2ST's Beautiful MV a lot of times and there's always that 'to be continued" part. 


i never though of searching for the next part @.@ its like when i discovered that after After School's Let's Step Up MV was the shampoo MV *or is it the other way around? @.@


JUNHYUNG! @.@ another new bias XD he looks so bad boy-ish but still so handsome at the same time.

KIKWANG :D my favourite member of B2ST :D i love his role here in this MV, a smart guy *not really a geek* that can DANCE! :D *i wish i was like that*


in the Beautiful MV and in this MV, there's just one thing that annoys me: YOSEOB's hair! i mean, his aegyo and looks are great and all, but whyyyyyy T^T it would have been so much better if his hair was...better. but in a way, i guess it fits with his goofy image XD

i saw this and i was like "I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT TOO :D" XD people of his age only just started learning algebra? O.O

okay, imma compare schools here and schools in Korean again *please forgive me* >< I LOVE THEIR UNIFORMS! in my earlier post i said that i liked their casual clothing, but i actually don't mind wearing a unifor *coz i am now* but i love  their different uniforms for every season! its like, vests in the summer and coats it the winter ^^

STOP THE VIOLENCEEEEEEEEE! and some pills dropped. i don't get it O.O he's sick?

yes! this is so me! i used to have a scrapbook just like this and i'd fill it with all my ideas and stuff too XD



yay, happy ending XD

then this ending scene XD LIGHTS!

i'm kinda rushing right now because...erm, wo gan shi jian XD its another quickly done review so its not that good. i really just had to post about it XD i didn't like B2ST that much but now i like them. a lot. well, mabe not that much. must i still like them :)

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