Huxley Scent Collection; Starry Dune Unboxing & Review

February 13, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about Huxley's Scent Collection; Starry Dune!

If y'all follow me on Instagram, you'll know how much of a Huxley fanboy I am. I just feel like their products are so good + their branding is so on point!

In 2017 they released a holiday special edition set named Deluxe Collection ; Extraordinary, which contained 6 deluxe sized products, 1 full sized hand cream + 1 pouch:

Last year they released a special holiday kit again, and I finally got my hands on one! It's super instagrammable, and I'm so happy that I'm able to share it with you guys today.

For 2018, they released the Scent Collection; Starry Dune, a super instagrammable holiday set containing products that's reminiscent of their signature scent & desert aesthetic.

Inside there are 3 items:

1. Snow Globe; Starry Dune
A starry night in the desert with countless stars. Standing upon the sand, looking at the night sky. It almost makes you feel like the stars are falling over your head. A snow globe features an enchanting scene of the desert blanketed by starry night sky. The silver glitters signifying shining stars, slowly accumulate over the sand particles, forming the desert sand dune, firstly fell.

2. Candle ; Moroccan Gardener
A soy candle is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and carbon neutral product. Made from soybeans, which burns slowly and creates less soot. Its lower melting point allows excellent scent diffusion and makes the scent last longer.

3. Hand Cream ; Velvet Touch
A non-greasy hand cream with a velvety texture absorbs quickly, leaving dry and rough hands soft and smooth.

The hand cream is the same as the hand cream from last year's holiday set, and it comes in full size. The candle is a 80g deluxe version of their 230g candle, while the snow globe is a limited edition gift which is only available via this set. You can get the other two products on their own but you can only get the snow globe if you get this set, and I was pretty hell-bent on getting one for myself because it was so pretty!!

Like last year, I got this set from Stylekorean! They really do carry a lot of Korean products at such a great discounted price. This set retailed for KRW53,000 but Stylekorean only sold it for USD35 (~RM142). I think that's amazing, and from my research, Stylekorean was the only international K-beauty website which carried this limited edition set!

Although you get fewer products than 2017's set, I feel like 2018's set is better in terms of packaging and quality. 2017's set came in a thin cardboard box with imprints, while 2018's set comes in a heavy dark blue box with gold hot press detailing!

Here's what 2017's packaging looked like:

As you can see, it was pretty easily dented and not reusable at all. At least for this year's box, I can reuse it to store some things on my vanily/cupboard.

I think it's the small details that count, and I hadn't even opened it yet but I already fell in love with it the moment I first unwrapped it haha.

Inside we have the 3 items:

The handcream's packaging is pretty simple and wasn't really anything exciting for me since I already used it before:

The deluxe Moroccan Gardener candle comes in a very similar packaging with the full sized candle. It's cream in colour and has gold wording on it's glass cup:

It came with a plastic cover, and can I just say: when I first opened the box I already smelled Huxley's signature scent combo of jasmine & roses (among others), but when I removed the plastic cover off the candle, whew!! The whole room was just enveloped in its rich scent!

The main star of this set, of course, is the snow globe:

In true Huxley fashion, it's very minimalist and the base is in their signature gray. 

On the inside you can see a sand dune, and inside it are some sand + glitter:

Infused with Prickly Pear Seed Oil, this anti-aging hand cream contains Huxley's signature scent and leaves dry hands soft and smooth. This hand cream has a super velvety texture and it really smells like fresh roses.

I've added it to my room and use it every morning before I leave for work. It's a nice hand cream that I think a lot of people would like! Initially I wasn't too keen on the scent, but now I quite like it. I have to say though, I feel like it's not really a young person scent. 

I've been wanting the Moroccan Gardener candle for the longest time but I could never find anyone selling the full-sized candle (+ I didn't know what it would smell like).

On Huxley's website, the scent is described as:

TOP NOTE: Spring of chilly water, green leaves
MIDDLE NOTE: Jasmine, rose, lily & gardenia
BASE NOTE: Musky, Powdery

To me, this scent is very uniquely Huxley. If you've tried any of their products, you'll know how soothing, calming and enjoyable their scent is. Almost all the products I've tried from them so far have this scent, and it's so nice to be able to enjoy the scent beyond from smelling it while cleansing my face + applying the hand cream. It's nice to keep in my room, and I think when I finish this candle I'll definitely be getting the full sized one.

The star of the show is of course this sparkly snow globe, and there are honestly no words to describe how pretty it looks T.T

I have a pet peeve where I don't like snow globes with big pieces (like confetti) and I really like how this one came with fine glitter instead.

It really does look like stars above sandy dunes!

The sand settles pretty quickly (since its heavier than the glitter), so you get a very nice sparkly desert:

For the price that Stylekorean is selling these sets, I think it very worth it! Not only do you get money off, but you also get to try out their staple products featuring their signature scent. I now have my sights on the full sized Moroccan Gardener candle, so stay tuned!

If you guys want to grab a set for yourselves, I recommend you do it now on Stylekorean before they run out of stock!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see y'all in the next post!

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