eSpoir Colorful Nude Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow Review

February 8, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about eSpoir'Colorful Nude Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow.

Before you move on and read this review, I actually also made a video! If you'd like to see how this video applies + how I created this easy, glowy, Korean-inspired look, then click in! 👇

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 I first discovered this foundation in December when I came across the campaign photos on Instagram. I think this was the first time I saw a Korean roadshop brand attempt to be diverse and inclusive, and my interest was piqued. They had a person of colour + a guy in the main campaign!

There are 2 versions of the Pro Tailor Foundation available: Be Glow (which is dewy) and Be Silk (which is matte). These foundations aren't new, and were only recently repackaged into nude packaging + rebranded as part of their #ColorfulNude campaign.

Lucky for me, my friend was in Seoul when the foundations (+ the entire Colorful Nude collection) was released, and I managed to ask her to help me buy some of the stuff back to try.

The Pro Tailor Foundation in Be Glow is a moisturising foundation that slides smoothly onto the skin for an artist like finish. The finish is glowy and its available in 10 shades.

Personally 10 shades is nothing too shocking for me, since big brands like MAC and Fenty have more than 40+ shades & even drugstore brands here in Malaysia have more than 10 shades. For a Korean brand, I can't say that they're the first to come up with darker shades or release more than 4 shades. However, they are the first I've seen to use models with a darker skin tone + 10 shades is already more shades than 90% of the Korean brands that carry complexion products, so I commend them on that.

The Pro Tailor Foundation in Be Glow retails for KRW38,000, but you can currently get it online on their website or on Olive Young for only KRW28,900. A full sized bottle contains 30ml worth of product.

At the time, my friend managed to get a set deal for me which cost KRW43,000 (MYR155). The set included the full size foundation, a blending sponge, a sun cream as well as 10 sample sizes of the foundation plus a mini DIY cushion. I went with the shade 28C (Deep) which is the darkest shade.

What's in the set:
Colorful Nude Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow • KRW38,000
Skinny Fix Blender • KRW10,000
Water Splay Sun Cream • KRW23,000
Mini DIY Cushion • Free Gift
10 x sample sized foundation • Free Gift

Unfortunately, eSpoir is not available in any offline store here in Malaysia, but I did see in in Eveandboy in Bangkok last month.

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I really like the renewed packaging for these foundations. The bottle reflects the shade and it comes in a heavy glass-like plastic bottle:

The box is very pretty as well:

Here are some shots of the bottle:

This foundation comes with a pump for easy dispersion:

Like the foundations, the Skinny Fix Blender is available in 10 shades, and I got the 28c one as well. The colour doesn't really affect the application in any way, but I like how they made a complimenting sponge to each of their foundation shades.

I also got a mini cushion which you can fill in yourself. I think this is great to bring on trips or to bring on the go for touch ups:

Here are the samples I got:

And here's the sunblock:

As with all colour makeup, the ingredients vary per shade. I did an analysis for my 28C on CosDNA and found that the ingredient list is unbelievably clean! It consists of only green and yellow level ingredients. It contains Its paraben free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, silicon-free & fungal acne safe, so I think a lot of you guys will really like it (especially if you have oily, acne skin like me). 

There are also great skincare ingredients that help brighten the skin (Niacinamide), help with anti-aging (Adenoside), promote wound healing (Grape Seed Oil), hydrate the skin (Sodium Hyaluronate) and offer UV protection (Cinoxate).

It has a slight scent to it that reminds me of fruit loops cereal. It doesn't really bother me, but it does linger for a bit.

The texture of the foundation is very smooth. Its more of a liquid foundation which isn't too runny or sheer. In my opinion it has the perfect consistency!

As you can see from my swatch, the colour is way lighter than what it looks like on eSpoir's website:

I think its quite far from the model's complexion colour, and I wouldn't categorize this as a dark shade. This is more of a medium tan shade. For your reference, I'm an NC40 in MAC, and this foundation was somewhere around my shade.

For the undertone, eSpoir actually only offered a cool undertown "deep" shade, which is why the foundation pulls a bit more red on my yellow undertone skin.

First, I use a foundation brush to apply the product onto my face:

Next, I use a damp sponge to buff it out:

Using a sponge will decrease the coverage a little bit, so if you want more coverage, apply a little more product or use a brush to blend it out instead.

After one thin layer applied with a sponge, I think it managed to even out my skin tone pretty good! 

You can still see my dark acne scars, but it's easily corrected by applying a little more product. I think I can avoid this by using a brush to blend it out instead. Here's what I lookk like after 1 layer + a bit more on my dark scars:

I usually apply concealer below my foundation so the fact that this managed to cover up my scars without concealer is pretty amazing to me. I would say the coverage is a nice buildable medium to full. Its very easy to blend out + has an amazing dewy finish. The gloss/shine isn't too overwhelming for me, and it looks very natural/glass skin-like. I think if you're trying to replicate the look of real skin, it's better to go with these kinds of foundation instead of mattes.

As for the wear, I think it feels really lightweight on my skin. It didn't feel heavy at all. If you're someone who has very oily skin like me, you might want to set it with a bit of powder.

Here's a close up look:

I didn't really notice any greasing/caking throughout the day, and even when I sweat. I wore this on my flight to Bangkok last month and after around 8 hours of wear, my skin still looked pretty good.

My verdict is that this foundation is pretty good. Its hydrating, not drying, comfy and glowy. It looks amazing on the skin and has great lasting power as well. To be honest I can't find any negatives about it aside from the fact that they were quite misleading with their promotional pictures in regards to the darker shade. There's no way that the model in the picture could have worn this. Either the picture was edited to look darker or she used something else entirely. If you're darker than NC40 in MAC, sorry but this foundation will most probably not work for you.

Yes I would! I think this foundation is amazing and would definitely consider buying it again. I'm currently mixing it with my other foundations so that it doesn't look too red on me, so it'll probably last me a while.

Aaaand that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it useful and informative. If you want to see how the foundation looked on me + how I created an easy look with it, check out the video below:

See y'all in the next post!

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