Barbie Eyesland Contact Lens Review • February 2019 Haul

February 19, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about some lenses I got over Chinese New Year from Barbie Eyesland!

Barbie Eyesland is a contact lens shop which has a ready stock of Korean lenses. They ship worldwide and they offer quite a nice selection of lenses on their website.

If you've already checked out my previous contact lens haul from them, you'll know that I'm a fan of how nice their lens selection is, how comfy their lenses feel on the eyes + how in love I was with the brown ones I got last time. I brought them on my Japan trip and I loved how nice my eyes looked like in the pics!

Before CNY arrived, I decided to make another visit to their shop. Their website is very easy to navigate + the lenses are categorized by size, colour and style.

This time around, I wanted to go with natural ones again, but aside from getting just plain old brown, I decided to get other fun colours as well.

I placed my order on February 1 and got my order on February 4, which means I got my order in only 2 business days (super fast!). I got candies + a free cute case with my order, as well as a plain lens case for each lens I got.

Here are the lenses I went with:

This is the only brown lens I got, and I got it because the pattern was so intricate! I went for a slightly bigger ring because I wanted lenses that would make my eyes look slightly bigger (but not ones with black rings like circle lenses). This one is particularly pretty because the 2 brown tones compliment my natural brown eyes.

I really liked how these looked like on the model on the website, and I rarely wear gray lenses so I decided to give it a go. The size it pretty natural and the lens is pretty opaque, giving me a steely, icy gaze. I think this would look great for when I wanna look more chic/fesyen~

My fave out of all 3 pairs of lenses I got this time! I really only got this for the same reason as the grey ones, and boy oh boy was that a good decision to make! The olive/green is such a unique colour, and it makes my eyes look so mysterious! The size is 14.5mm (super natural), and although there is a black ring, it's not harsh at all and naturally enhances my eye shape. Love it!

Overall I'm really happy with this haul, and I can't wait to take pics with these babies! If you're thinking about why you should give Barbie Eyesland a go, here are some of my final thoughts:

1. Shopping is seamless because Barbie Eyesland's website is easy to navigate + checkout is super easy.
2. The selection of lenses is pretty good + they offer ready stock authentic Korean lenses
3. They deliver worldwide + my domestic order only took 2 days to arrive this time around
4. The prices are pretty good!

From now till February 28, you can actually get RM25 off your RM100 order by applying the code CUT25 at checkout. That basically means that if you buy 3 pairs of lenses, the 4th pair will be free! If I knew about the code I would have used it too lol, but nevermind about me! At least you guys can use it! XD Hurry because it's only available till Feb 28!

For more info + to browse new arrivals, you can check out Barbie Eyesland on their Facebook , Instagram or website!

Aaaaand that's all for this post! I hope you guys found it helpful and interesting

See y'all in the next post!

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