2019 Eveandboy Bangkok Haul

February 3, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand

Hi guys, welcome back! Today I'll be sharing about some of the things I got from Eveandboy while I was in Bangkok.

Although I'll be sharing more about the trip on this post, you can click on the video below to watch our experience as well!

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Eveandboy is like a mecca of local and international beauty brands, and it's something like a Thai Sephora. I've heard tons about them and I finally got to step inside one for myself last month!

I was pretty impressed because upon entering their Terminal 21 outlet, my friends and I were immediately greeted by stunning visuals + an array of so many brands!

In front they had the international brands (like MAC, Shu Uemura, etc.), as well as some Korean brands. Its quite common to see Laneige and Mamonde, but they carried a few K-brands that aren't available in Malaysia like Espoir!

As you dive further into the store, you'll be greeted by lots of local brands. Thai cosmetics have a reputation for being very good + high quality, so I was super excited to check them all out. Here we have Anis checking out some stuff from Creer Beaute:

To see more of the brands available in Eveandboy, check out my video above!

I personally didn't want to buy too much since I have boxes upon boxes of unopened stuff back at home, but I did pick up some of the things I've been eyeing for a while now + some interesting things that caught my eye while I was there.

Browit By Nongchat Brow Powder • THB159

I've been wanting to get one of Nongchat's brow products ever since I discovered him via Pony. I can't remember which video it was that she used it, but here's her hanging out with Nongchat + browsing his makeup products in Eveandboy as well:

Aside from 2 brow powder shades, you also get a sticker which you can use as a stencil for your brows.

Browit by Nongchat Brow Salon Liquid & Cara • THB189

This was more of an impulse buy (lol), but I also got it because I wanted to experiment with brow markers + to make fake brow hairs. This one is dual ended and comes with brow mascara on the other end, so I guess it wasn't that bad of a splurge.

Next, I got some blushes!

I never really wear anything aside from my Tarte blush, and I thought it would be nice to experiment with burgundy/mauve-y blushes.

Mille Beaute ✕ Line Friends Mille Lovable Blusher #04 Sally  THB299

4U2 Love Me More Blush #M1 I Love You • THB179

Both of them are pretty smooth and pigmented, and I really have to watch myself if not I'll apply too much haha. The Mille one pulls darker/more mauve on me while the BY4U2 pulls a little more pinkish:

I also got this lipstick from Mille:

Mille Beaute ✕ Line Friends Mille Iconic Lip Color #02 Cony  THB299
*There was a promo (2 for THB495) so I shared with Anis

The colour is a nice red, and I think it'll be a nice MLBB shade if it's applied sparingly.

Last thing I got from Mille was this color corrector:

Mille Beaute ✕ My Little Pony Super Whitening Rose Baby Green Base Face Fix • THB60
*Buy 1 free 1, so I shared with Bo

I think I was pretty stunned by the cute packaging hahahaa.

If you guys remember, I really liked the Cutepress highlighter I previously asked Bo to help me buy. I checked them while I was there and saw that they recently released new liquid shadows:

Cutepress Nonstop Beauty Liquid Chrome #01 Gold Rush   THB149
*New arrival price, original price is THB199

It's quite similar to the Stila Magnificent Metals one, and although it swatches blindingly, once blended out it sheers out compared to the Stila ones. Not saying that's a bad thing, just an observation.

Odbo Face Brush • ~RM20

I added this brush as I was checking out, just because it looked nice and fluffy. For the price, it's pretty good quality and I totally love using it to set my face with powder.

Aaaaand that's it for this haul! In the end, I only spent around THB1000+, which wasn't as big of a damage I thought I would do (come on self-control). We noticed that the international brands were slightly more expensive than Malaysia (like how MAC lipsticks cost around RM100+ there and here it costs RM80+), so I do recommend splurging more on local Thai brands since they're cheaper + very good quality anyways.

Thank you guys so much for dropping by my blog, see y'all in the next post!

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