Etude House Zero Sebum Clearing Powder Toner Review

October 9, 2016

Hello everybody, today I'll be sharing my review of Etude House's Zero Sebum Clearing Powder Toner!

A few weeks ago I reviewed the powder and the gel, and I think I've used the toner enough to share my opinions.

*Click here to read that review*


This product is a part of Etude House's Zero Sebum like which aims to minimize oil and sebum secretion.

The toner has sebum absorbing porous powder that aside from sebum control also claims to be able  to make skin feel fresh. It kinda reminded me of the Clinique toner I reviewed a while back.


This product is available on for RM48 but I got it for sale at onlyRM44! For 200ml, I would say that the price is quite reasonable.


The toner comes in a plastic teal bottle which I find practical. I noticed that a lot of Etude's bottles are  being changed to plastic~

New bottles come sealed:


Like the powder, thus product contains sugar polymer and cotton extract.

Here's the full list of ingredients:


As mentioned above, there's a powder inside the toner. When you shake it it becomes this bubbly milky texture.

It unexpectedly smells lemony-y. I find the scent fresh and nice.


Wash - Toner - Lotion - Serum - Moisturizer

I use this after cleansing to double cleanse and get rid of any dead skin cells left on my face. I use a coin sized amount on a cotton pad.

Apparently you can use it as a DIY mask as well by soaking a cotton pad in the toner.


As you guys know, I have oily skin and acne prone skin. I used Etude House's AC Clinic Daily Toner and it really helped me with my acne so I had high expectations for this toner.

After using it for a while now, I feel like it's nothing special. It does remove sebum (like any toner would) but I don't feel like my sebum secretion has been lessened or been affected at all.


I'm quite disappointed with this product. It does a great job of removing sebum but not so much on controlling it. At first I thought RM44 for a 200ml bottle was good too, but the toner is unexpectedly finishing fast.


Sorry, I won't be repurchasing this.

That's it for this short review. I've been very busy lately trying to juggle work, blogging and just living in general. I hope you guys found this review helpful and I'll see you guys in the next post.

As always, thanks for reading!

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