50% Off on Pinkyparadise Lenses 🎁 Halloween 2016

October 12, 2016

Halloween is almost upon us and for those planning to dress up or just like lenses in general, I have something special for you! ðŸŽ

Pinkyparadise, the world's largest lens shop recently approached me to share a 50% discount voucher on all yearly lenses with you guys! Its pretty special because they're not having any kind of sale but they're specifically giving you guys a discount ONLY through yours truly!

This offer is valid for all countries till October 31st ✨

I took advantage of this as well and got myself a pair of nice brown lenses. I'm not one to wear crazy red or green contacts so I thought I'd just stick to boring basic me.

All purchases come with a cute macaron case! 😊 If you're staying in Malaysia, your order will arrive in 1-3 working days through POS Laju (mine came in 3)

I urge you guys to grab this offer now and buy something from their super big collection!


  1. Hey Eros ! What lenses did you get ? They look nice on you :) (saw it on your snap)

    I'll def be using this coupon !!

    1. Hi Banane, Thanks for commenting! 💕 I got the Geo Magic Brown (http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Geo-Magic-Brown-p/a17-bc102.htm) and as you saw it was sooo pretty and natural! I'll definitely be using them a lot :)


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