Dr. Jart Mini Haul

October 6, 2016

Yes, I spent some cash. Not planned but so worth it!


Sasa recently had a clearance sale for fragrances, makeup and skincare items in Northpoint, Mid Valley. It's legit inside my office building, could there have been a more obvious sign?

Only cash and credit cards allowed, I'd say there it was pretty packed and the selection was quite okay. 

To be honest it was mostly perfume and they were going for ultra low prices. A 150ml Burberry Brit for men set was going for RM150 (with two tubes of something with the box and all). Unfortunately there weren't any Versace or Moschino scents there.

Debit cards weren't allowed too, so I guess it was a sign that I shouldn't buy perfume haha.

Aside from the Prada, Burberry and Bulgari perfumes that filled the small space with an almost sickeningly sweet scent, there were also hair products from Wella:

makeup by Bourjois and skincare by Dr. Jart.:

The Dr. Jart ones were going for crazy prices! RM30 for two products? What was the catch? Are these fakes? 

Apparently they were on clearance because some of them were expiring and some of them had damaged boxes. According to the lady, most skincare products that have a "12M" sign can be used up to 12 months after opening. The products I got weren't expiring till next year too, so I guess it was okay.

It was too good of an offer to give up okay! I got RM248 ringgit worth of products for just RM30. Plus, it's Dr. Jart!

I got a primer (which was good because I was planning to buy one from Maybelline anyway) and a pore serum (because the one I tried by Skinmiso didn't work that well).

A few of their famous BB creams were there but I didn't even attempt to try swatching because I just knew they were going to be too light.

And that's it for this short post, see you all in the next!

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