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October 30, 2016

Hi guys! If you've been keeping up with my social media or my diary posts here on my blog, you'll know that I recently moved to KL for my internship and that I recently moved to a new room! So today I'll be sharing all about my move and my new room with you guys.

Just a disclaimer, this review wasn't sponsored but I do have a discount code below that I got from being part of their student ambassador program. All opinions here are my 100% honest thoughts! :)

I stayed in my friend Bella's house in the first month of my internship while I searched for an affordable room to move into. I searched high and low on and not to say they were bad or anything, but they were all either too expensive or seemed shady/dubious. I called a few agents and landlords, but 6 out of the 8 I called were either rude or didn't entertain me at all :(

I came across on Facebook and decided to register just to see what kind of listings they had. I didn't really browse much and just looked at the rooms around Mid Valley (where my office is).

A few days later, a representative from got in touch with me via call. She gave me brief a info about and said that they were a "middle-man" service dedicated to helping students studying and working to find the best options available out there. She was kind enough to give me a list of places that were around the area (which you can see if you click here).

I didn't get back to her after that because I got busy and the few ones that I clicked on were already booked, but coincidentally, my friend Bella shared with me a HostelHunting blogpost listing down rooms that were near train stations. She saw the rooms and thought "WTH they're so nice and convenient!". She sent me the link to one place that stood out from the rest (click here to view it) and I was like "THIS PLACE IS GREAT!".

I got back to the lady who initially messaged me (her name's Nastassja by the way) and enquired about the place. She was very helpful and helped me organize a viewing with the owner of the room.

I met the owner of the hostel Kelly the next day and she basically showed me the room. Its a modified space above a shop lot and the LRT station was a mere 2 minute walk away. The area is quite okay as well, I have a bank, a 7-11 and several restaurants/mamak places nearby. There was also an Aeon nearby!

The overall process was simple and so much better than my experience with hiring an agent to help find a place. When I rented an apartment in Penang, I had to pay the agent 1 month's worth of rent as an "agent fee". On HostelHunting, all you gotta pay for is your rent (and deposit to the hostel owner for security reasons of course, and deposits are always refundable as long as you don't break stuff/the contract).

I moved in on October 1 so it's been a month since I moved in. So far I have no major complaints. Here's a few shots of my current room:

It kinda looks small in the picture but it's really not. I find that it's pretty spacious for a solo room. Plus I get a vanity mirror where I can display some of my skincare/makeup. Its a ratchet shade of brown but hey, a vanity is a vanity. I'm also planning on getting a rug or some house slippers. Anyone wanna get me a Puma Fenty?

I literally just lock myself in and stay on my laptop all day haha. There's an aircon as well but you can't see it in this pic (it's on the same wall where the clothes hook is but higher).

One thing I love about this room is the backlight on my bed's headboard (is that what it's called?)

The only thing I don't like about this room is that there's no windows. I've snooped around and it looks like none of the rooms do. It would have been nice to have one so I can have natural light to selfie/take videos.

Anyways, my hostel is actually a renovated shop lot, meaning they renovated the 2nd and 3rd floor of a shop lot into a hostel. There's 12 rooms in my hostel and I'm room A (ofc I'm room A, I'm number 1, duh).

Here's the common area (where there's aircon as well). There's also CCTV for security reasons.

Here's the other side of the common area and my room door's actually inside there, you just can't see it because of the angle. I've claimed this area in my head as Eros Territory because, well, my room's just there haha. I've taken a few flatlays on the table because the windows/light is here.

And here's the dining area + the sink. There's no stove or fridge because the owners were concerned about fires and all that (they're a married couple that seems very...strict), so that's a downside. When I'm feeling cheap I eat cup noodles but I usually just eat out.

And lastly here are the bathrooms. I'm not gonna take a pic of the insides because in all honesty I felt like a real estate person taking pictures of the whole place haha. The toilets are...toilets lo, nothing special.

As I mentioned, my hostel is only a 2 minute walk away from the LRT station. I Google Map-ed it at first and it said the LRT station was 7 minutes away by foot, but after exploring, it was actually like, 2 roads away. #GoogleMapFail

Whoaaaa who's that blondie? I recently bleached my hair again and I'm still thinking whether or not I wanna go gray again.

Anyways, I had such a good experience with that I signed up to be a student ambassador, which I got approved! So if you guys are starting college/university/internship and are looking for a place to stay, check out! If you see a place you like, simply enter my code FISHMEATDIEHH when you register and you'll instantly get RM100 off your first month's rent!

They have a lot of rooms on their listing and some of their plus points are:

1. Super helpful staff!
2. Listings all throughout Malaysia & Thailand
3. Affordable prices (esp. because they're targeting students)

And that was it for my review of HostelHunting's services. Click here to be redirected to their website.

I didn't wanna mention the name of my hostel for privacy reasons, but just know that I live near an LRT station haha.

As always, thank you guys for reading and see you in the next post!

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