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October 3, 2016

Good morning everyone! (Hopefully you're reading this in the morning haha). Today I'll be talking about the first thing you've probably ever had when you were born: Milk!

Whenever I think of milk, I think of breakfast. I never had time for breakfast back in high school so I always skipped it. I know that it's the most important meal of the day but I just couldn't bring it upon myself to wake up early just to eat. (PS. My school bus arrived around 7am so I has to wake up at 6 T.T)

Anyways, fast forward to me today as an intern, I suddenly have an affinity for breakfast! Thanks to my awesome office fridge & pantry, I now have access to bread, cereal, milk, coffee and so much more. Guess what milk we use:

Tadah, it's Dutch Lady's Pure Farm milk!

I coincidentally received a package of the same milk, so in collaboration with Dutch Lady, today I'll be showing you guys how milk is now an essential part of my diet. I'll also be dropping tips on how it benefits me, both inside and out! 

Let's get started shall we?

When I first got the package it came with a breakfast platter, which was super nice of Dutch Lady!

In that picturesque breakfast image in my head, orange juice is the must have drink to wash it all down. HOWEVER, drinking milk is a great way to wash your breakfast down as well.

Did you know, studies have shown that more than 50% of Malaysians don't have enough calcium in their diets?

The simple solution to this is drinking more milk! 1 serving of milk can provide enough calcium to jump start your daily nutritional intake and 2 servings of milk a day can help meet your nutritional requirement!

As I mentioned above I'm now a cereal lover. I'm a fan of Honey Stars and those frosted corn flakes, both of which are eaten best with cold milk!

Ever since I started eating breakfast at work I have a bit more control over my appetite. I used to always eat large portions during lunch. Now I find myself more in control of my cravings and I think that's because of breakfast in general.

As a coffee lover, I almost always have to have a cup at one point in my day. I'm not really a fan of black coffee because its way too bitter for my taste. I'm more of a latte fan!

Here's my easy recipe for the perfect cuppa that I learned from my co-worker Sam:

Pour about 2/3 of milk into your cup.

Heat it up for 2 minutes

Add 1 teaspoon of coffee.

Add sugar to taste.

Add hot water.

Easy right? Try it out at home or in your office ☕

The other day I  managed to finally try out the cheese tarts from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart in Mid Valley:

They were heaven by themselves but with milk? JUST SUPERB! I actually wasn't planning on eating the tarts with the milk, but after the second tart I already started feeling like my throat was dry. A carton of the milk just happened to be on my table so I tried the combo together and tadah! MAGIC ✨✨✨

Another creative way you can add milk to your diet is by making a milkshake. Melaka is famous for its coconut milkshake, but my family recently moved to a house with a mango tree! Mangos are one of my fave fruits and here's how you can make your very own mango milkshake:

Slice/dice and freeze around 5 mangoes

Take two cups of milk

Mix in blender (add sugar to taste)


You can drink it straight away as a smoothie, but if you leave it overnight like we usually do, it'll become kinda like an ice cream/milkshake!

Try the recipe out!

As I mentioned above, cereal has become almost a staple food for me at work.

I wanted to show you guys a more aesthetic photo, but with work piling up I didn't really have the time :( so for day 6, here's a photo of my cereal and my latte combo:

For my dieting peeps out there, did you know that milk is a great beverage after an overnight fast? It helps the body regulate itself as milk is a protein packed beverage!

So far I've shown you a few ways on how you can have your meal with milk, but to be honest one of the best ways is just by drinking it by itself!

When I think of calcium, bones and teeth always come to mind. What's the number 1 source of calcium? Milk, of course?

Dutch Lady's Pure Farm milk in particular has 275mg of calcium and a range of other essential nutrients that our body needs such as Manganese, Phosphorus, Protein and Vitamins C, D, A and B!

And that's it for this post! Milk is a vital part of our diet and in my personal opinion, it's always better to be safe than sorry. You guys often see me talk about "prevention" in my skincare reviews (like wrinkles, etc.), and I think the same goes for your health.

Since Dutch Lady did send me the package, I guess you'd expect me to say something like "Buy Dutch Lady's Pure Farm milk!". I really would recommend it because, well, I drink it on almost a daily basis even before they sent it to me, but in all honestly just take care of your health through anyway that you can. It doesn't have to be through one specific way or product, all that matters is you start doing something for you and your health today ðŸ’•

I'd like to say thanks again to Dutch Lady for sending me breakfast + the milk! I wanna thank my brother  as well for taking the cheesy shots of me drinking milk 😂 If you were curious, I was back in Melaka that weekend and decided to walk around Jonker~

On a totally irrelevant (but kinda topic-related) note, M.I.L.F.$ by Fergie was my whole jam while typing this post. There's something very signature about Fergie's rapping so if you haven't heard it yet go and listen to it right now!

As always, thanks for reading and see you guys in the next post?

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