October 10, 2016

I can't believe I'm turning 20 in a little over a month! When I  was 15 I did a list of 15 things that I wanted for my birthday (kinda like a wish list, hint hint). I came across that post a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe how childish and weird those things were haha. I guess everyone grows up and the things we want obviously change.

So without further ado, here's 20 things that 1 want for my birthday:

1. Puma x Rihanna Fenty Slippers

I'm not sure where I saw these first (I think it was on Laura Lee or Gigi Gorgeous) but I LOVE THEM omg. The black one looks so chic and the pink one looks so bitchy haha.

These retail for RM200 in Solewhat and I was so close to buying it. My new hostel is pretty clean but after I tried the slippers out I kept on complaining that my hostel was ratchet in my head hahaha. I might buy these but in the faaaaar future.

2. Nike Huaraches

I was supposed to get a translating gig and get RM500 from it but so far the person hasn't contacted me yet :( while waiting for the  confirmation from them I went ahead and searched these babies up.

My friend Gerald has them and I thought they were pretty cool. Its time I treated myself and moved on from my super worn out rubber shoes. I'll def be getting these if I get that gig. If not, I'll just have to wait a bit longer.

3. White Adidas Superstar

This was a cheaper option when I was looking up shoes. It just looks so classic!

4. Dr. Martens Cherry Boots

Okay these I've been wanting for the longest time. Dr. Martens had a massive sale last Black Friday so hopefully by this year's Black Friday I'll have money to buy a pair of those classic creepers.

I feel like a lot of the items on this list are things I'll "buy" but I never will because I spend too much on useless shit T.T I have no self control!

5. Gray Uniqlo turtleneck

I recently bought this black turtleneck from Uniqlo and its so friggin nice. I was curious how the other colors would look on me one day so I decided to check them out again. I was wearing gray lenses that day and OMG the gray turtleneck looked so nice on me

They cost RM49 but I got the black one for RM39. I'll be creeping around Uniqlo waiting for this to drop again.

6. Charles & Keith box bag

I saw this in Melaka and I'm not sure if its still in stock or not.

It was 180 something but I checked online and it only cost RM100 on the Singapore site. Like whuttt? I asked my friend Sammi to help me buy it but the style I wanted was out of stock T.T

7. PMC Kimono

I can't find any pictures for this but I tried it in PMC's Penang shop. It was so pretty and it was only RM120!

8. Dynasti Bracelets & Chokers

I was introduced to Dynasti by Orsqr's OOTDs and they're stuff just looks so...Chinese haha.

I like the qi pao inspired chokers (Michelle Phan & IAMKARENO wore them!)

They have quite the selection of chokers actually:

But the logo chokers are damn nice:

I bet they'll look great paired with the logo bracelets T.T

9. Anything Versace

As my college friends know I'm obsessed with Versace. I haven't seen any clothing in particular that I like (I like the more preppy shirts that Gucci has) but Versace's accessories omg. Kill me now. I love love love their Medusa logo and anything gold. Most of their accessories are chunky but that's what makes them look so luxurious.

And I think it was on Jeffree Star that I saw these sneakers on omg I died.

10. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

My Revon foundation is now too dark for me so I thought I'd try out Mac's. I tried this out in shop and it was quite nice, so if you're feeling generous my shade is NC42 :)

11. Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer

I recently got a primer from Dr. Jart but I'd like to play with a purple primer too. My skin is slightly yellow because of my jaundice, so to counteract that I gotta use a purple/lavender primer.

12. Beauty blender

I'm currently using sponges from Daiso and this would be a pretty good upgrade. They cost so damn expensive tho

13. Real techniques brushes

I've been looking for new brushes and Real Techniques seems like a good choice. A lot of YouTubers use them and they're pretty cheap compared to other brushes in Sephora/MAC

14. SK-II

I don't need any new skincare products because I have more than enough at the moment. I wouldn't mind trying out SK-II and seeing what the fuss is all about though.

15. Ipod Classic

My music library surpassed my iPod nano's memory a long time ago so the classic 160GB iPod would be an awesome upgrade

16. Yongnuo 1.8 lens

My brother and I were looking into buying a new lens for our DSLR and I came across this one from Yonguo!

It goes as low as RM180 and we agreed on splitting so~

17. Casio TR50

The ultimate selfie camera! I searched this up and the cheapest you can get it for is RM4000 T.T

18. EXO Dear Happiness

I have their first photobook and it seems right that I get their second right? It costs a bit over Rm310 on Yesasia

19. Orchid Observatory high tea

This oneis definitely happening in November. I've been dying to go for high tea in the Majestic Hotel's Orchid observatory!

20. Korea Trip

Last but not least! The most important one. I could have gone this year end but nooo not enough money. I could have gone next year February but noooooo passport renewal. I could have gone on March but noooo visa also needs to be renewed. Sigh. The latest I'll be able to go is in June and the nice weather/snow/cherry blossoms will all be gone by then :(

And that was it for my 20th birthday wishlist. If you're feeling generous, my birthday is on November 12, email me for my shipping address hahaha. In all honesty, a lot of the things here are quite materialistic and I wouldn't die without them. Working and buying them for myself will feel so much better so I guess I just gotta save save save.

That's it for this list post, hope you guys don't hate me yet.

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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