Cathy Doll Triple Eyebrow Designing Kit (Red Brown) Review

October 17, 2016

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of one of my fave product right now, Cathy Doll's Triple Eyebrow Designing Kit!

Being a student that just got into makeup, price is something that always sticks out. A lot of reviews and suggested products are expensive, so I was happy to find something that worked nicely and didn't blow a hole in my pocket.


This product is an eyebrow kit and it's available in 3 colours: Natural Brown, Red Brown and Blonde Brown.

I got one in Red Brown a few months back because the Natural Brown wasn't available. I was just starting to play around with makeup and it was quite cheap, so I decided to give it a try.


It's available in Guardian for RM 17, but it can go down to RM15/RM11 during promotions (crazy cheap right?)


The whole kit is compact and I find it very convenient. It has a small mirror inside and its own slanted brush with a buffing brush on the other end.

My stupid ass accidentally dropped this and the red shade just shattered into a million pieces. It was so messy, but luckily the darker colours stayed intact (I've bought a new one ever since)


I dyed my hair brown recently and I found that the reddish brown tone of the powder complimented my skin and my hair very well!

It's very pigmented compared to other brow powders I've tried. I find that I don't have to pick up that much product for the color to spread well (if that makes sense)

*Please forgive the ugly swatches T.T*


I love straight Korean brows, but to achieve them I have to fill  in a bit of empty space around the inner parts of my brows (that have no hair).  It definitely doesn't last super long on my oily skin *for the empty space*, especially if I sweat. I recommend using primer so that it has a bit more staying power.

I use the darkest shade for the"body" and outline of my brow and I use the 2nd shade inside to create a sort of gradient.

The 2 brown shades actually look more reddish in real life than they do here. The 3rd shade I don't use for my brows. The packaging says you can play with it and use it as eye shadow so sometimes when I'm feeling fancy I apply it to my eyelids or the outer corners of my eyes to sort of contour them.


I really love this product! For RM15 you get a pigmented brow kit that's convenient to bring around. I like how there's that red shade in there that can double as en eye shadow when I feel like it.


I technically already have since I broke my old one, but I wouldn't mind getting another shade when I change my hair color. The blonde palette looked interesting and since I'm bleaching my hair I might get that next.

That was it for this short review!

As always, thanks for reading and see you in the next post ðŸ’—

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