Eat at 18 Cafe, Jalan Hang Leiku, Melaka

August 3, 2016

Hello everyone, welcome to Episode 10 of Cafe Hopping with Eros & Fufy! Our last semseter concluded a few weeks back and my coursemates and I will be starting our internships mid-August. In the meantime, Fufy stayed over at my house in Melaka and we visited a few cafes! First up on our list is Eat at 18.

18, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Monday: 8.30AM to 6.00PM
Closed on Tuesdays

+60 281 4679


Eat at 18 is a quaint cafe located in the Jonker/Melaka Heritage area along Jalan Hang Leiku. As you see from the pictures above, the front has a lot of flowers that gives a "hole in the wall"-cafe kind of vibe to it, which I loved!

At first I thought the cafe was a bit cramped:

but the cafe extends to a central room with a sun roof and an area which can be closed off for events. There's also a mini garden inside!

I really liked the relaxing quiet vibe of the cafe. Although not airconditioned, the central room was a cooling enough rest spot from the harsh Melaka sun.


To be honest, I found the menu a bit limited and a bit pricier that I had expected (almost along the KL/Penang cafe price range)

Aside from the items on the menu, they also offer a few cookies and cakes:

We already ate lunch prior to coming, so we just had a quick drink and bite.

On with the food porn shots!

Meringue Nest | RM12.90

This meringue was delightfully sweet & citrusy! At first I thought "My god, it looks so messy", but the passion fruit seeds gave the meringue and the ice cream a nice tangy taste to the whole dessert. Light and refreshing!

Raspberry Lemon Soda | RM12.90

This was Fufy's drink but I had a few sips here and there. I thought that it was refreshing and cooling, perfect for that hot summer day. I'd definitely want to come back and try their other sodas.

Apple Juice | RM10

This was Yana's drink and she actually thought that it was pretty overpriced and that she got ripped off haha. She said she had better apple juices for a fraction of a price and the same size at other places like hawker places.

Iced Latte | RM8.90

Euri and I both had iced lattes, and to be frank I was kinda disappointed. They included cream and that made the coffee taste very muted and diluted. We wanted to salvage it with at least a bit of syrup to add some taste to it, but can you believe the barista actually didn't want to give us syrup at first? Anyways, I read online that they use Lavazza coffee and their other coffee drinks are good. Maybe I'll try them out next time.

And that was it for this quick cafe hopping post! The place has a nice interior and I wouldn't mind visiting again to try out their all day menu and their other drinks!

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Thanks for reading!

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