July 29, 2016

Hello guys! In this post I'll be going through my last week in Penang. It came and went in a blur, I still can't believe that I already moved out of my apartment! My last week wasn't anything special, so do forgive me if it seems trivial/mundane haha.


On Saturday, I managed to catch the Preloved Sale in Hin Bus Depot and I actually made a separate post about that that you can read by clicking here!

I managed to buy this big shirt that I'll be using as an over (you'll see it later on in the post). There was this photobooth van and it was so cute!

Okay, enough with the vaining.


I spent my Sunday morning strolling around Beach Street and looking at all the stuff on sale. 

In the snap above, you'll see this lady carrying knives used for a knife massage!

After that we headed to Hin Bus Depot again just to see the Sunday Pop-up Market.

My friend Fufy actually came to take a few pictures for her work, so while she went around, I found myself a chair and just died haha. When I woke up I was starving, so we headed to Island Glades for lunch.

After lunch, Gerald came and the three of us headed to his new house! Basically his family's moving to a new house and before they really moved in we managed to use his clubhouse pool and stay the night.

His house was nice and it kinda reminded me of my last house in Ipoh. I didn't really take pictures of his house because...well it's not my house, and I thought it wouldn't be polite to simply post pictures of someone else's house. I did find this rainbow in his toilet so here's a super whitewashed picture of me and a rainbow on my face!

The pool on the other hand was great! There's a gym and a dock attached to it:

To be honest the pool was closed because they only just added chlorine, but we were like to hell with that! The guard said we'd feel itchy but we didn't, though the chlorine did fade my hair a bit.

The edit in the selfie below was kept to a minimal, all thanks to the Kojic Acid soap I've mentioned in my previous posts! I'll be making a whole post dedicated to that soon, so do stay tuned.

After our two hour pretentious fabulous photoshoot session in the pool, we headed out for some Tomyum! Gerald always insists that BM's Tomyum is the best, so we went ahead and tried it for ourselves.

We didn't get to try Ju Heng (this famous shop)'s Tomyum, but it was great nonetheless!

After that we watched Tarzan and in all honest I fell asleep for like 10 minutes. Not because it was boring or anything, just because I was so tired. Remember when I mentioned that I died in Hin Bus in the morning? It's actually because I didn't sleep at all the previous night in fear of messing up our schedule for the morning haha.


For brunch, Gerald brought us to this Yam Rice place that was UNREAL, like I didn't know yam rice was that good!

After that we headed back to the island and went to Gurney for a much needed karaoke session. Red Box offers a buffet so we went ahead and had dinner there as well.

We left at almost 2am, throats sore and thirst to sing quenched.


Tuesday was a chill day for me, basically. No one was free to go out, so I decided to appreciate the last "me-time" that I could get with my room. How lame is that?


My friend Sharmathi's boss Nick is planning to start a bracelet/accessory business and asked me to help out with filming their promo videos. I was glad to help, and even managed to get these OOTD shots to put on my post queue haha

I went for an all black outfit and my outer is the one I bought a few days back in the preloved sale!


Thursday was beach day! I'm not a fan of standing under the sun and getting darker, but living on an island with a beach accessible 24/7 makes that quite unavoidable. I've learned to enjoy our beach days and I actually found myself thinking that I was gonna miss Golden Sands in the future.

Here's a few more *ahem* pretentious *ahem* fabulous photos:

And of course, a few selfies:

We had dinner at our usual post-beach spot, Viva:

And we stayed the night at Marina Straits *at least I think that's what it's called*! Fufy's friend Nyra was staying there because of her art exhibition the following night. She invited Fufy to stay the night and they were kind enough to invite me to sleepover as well.


We had a quick breakfast and after a few photos, we headed to the pool!

To be honest, although I've known that Straits Quay has residences available, I never knew they had a pool or a gym.

The pool was prettily framed by trees and it gave a kind of a paradise in the middle of the city kind of feel.

I initially didn't want to go in because all this pool hopping and beach visiting was getting me a bit too much sun exposure. In the end, I thought what the hell, what's one more pool?

Our sched was kinda packed that day, so our procrastinating asses had to move as fast as we could make them

We had lunch with a few of our classmates (May, Daniel & Danny) and it was kind of a short farewell-ish kinda lunch.

After that, we headed over to Eco World to finish up the filming for Nick's bracelets:

The two models were great to work with and filming with them was a breeze.

I've been on a photo spree for the past few days because I came across this one Korean guy's feed and I legit LIVE for his photos. I've been trying to recreate his photos for a better Instagram feed, and as I'm typing this I'm thinking "Wow, 1st world problems much" haha.

After that, we headed over to Nyra's art exhibition.

It was held in Penang Pac:

The pieces were all made by her classmates and a lot of them were really interesting! This piece by Nyra was really intriguing because inside the faces are more people and you actually have to count how many you can see:

Here are a few more pieces that I liked:

That viewing was followed by a quick bite at Piknik (where both Fufy and I literally died).


My parents came at around 2 and the rest of the day was spent on packing my stuff. I've managed to somehow amass a lot of shit in my 2+ years in Penang and it was such a struggle packing all of it!


Sunday was my official last day in Penang and it was a bittersweet event for me. I had so many memories in this apartment, but I'm ready for new memories in KL!

We had a quick breakfast and we were off! It was a 9 hour drive ya'll I'm not even kidding. I tired myself the previous night just so I could spend most of the drive sleeping in the car.

We stopped for lunch in Ipoh and we picked up my siblings as well. My parents actually stopped by Ipoh on Friday and left Euri and Yana there.

After lunch we hit the road and the struggle continued:


The good thing was that one rest stop had donuts and YAS DONUTS. I lived.

My family is actually in the process of moving to a new house too. I don't think I'll be unpacking most of my stuff aside from my clothes and my skincare

I've been spending the past few days just lounging around my house, waiting for Thursday (which is tommorrow) to come!

You'll know soon enough why haha.

Anyways, this marks the end of this post! It was a bit dry, so thank you if you managed to reach the end!

My blog recently reached 500k views! It might not be a lot compared to other blogs out there, but to me it means that people read my blog and I'm happy enough with that. Thanks for reading my often borderline rambling posts about my life, as well as my reviews! I'm planning this thing to celebrate, but I'll keep it as a secret for now, just cause I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off haha.

As always, thanks for reading and see you in the next post!


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