August 10, 2016

To be honest, I'm not one of those people who have a ton of apps and games on their phone. I like to keep it simple. I only have 3 photo apps (Meitu, Line Camera and VSCO), a folder of my social media apps (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) and Sims Freeplay.

The heat these past few weeks have been INSANE, plus it's made me so bored and lazy! Luckily I  downloaded these new apps onto my phone. They've been a godsend so today I thought I'd share them with you guys! ☺

1.  AseDS

As I mentioned, I don't have that much games on my phone except for Sims Freeplay. I've been a super fan of the Pokemon franchise ever since I was young and I also really liked the games (I remember replaying Emerald a lot because it was so good!). There's been more games released and I couldn't really play them because they were all for Nintendo DS and my family's Nintendo DS...legit split in half.

I've heard of emulators before but I never really tried them because:
1. There's no real life buttons so the hands on experience would be totally different
2. Isn't that illegal omg

My siblings were ALL playing Pokemon on their emulators when I got home from Penang so I downloaded the emulator with the highest rating on the Playstore + the Pokemon Platinum game online. 

I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED EVER SINCE! It took a little getting used to because I press buttons aggressively and the lack of buttons was kinda annoying, but overall it was awesome! I can finally go and find more Pokemon games to play hahaha. AseDS is an okay emulator~ My siblings downloaded DrasticDS Emulator but that one needs payment soooo

2. Pokemon Go

Speaking of Pokemon, people all over the world have gone crazy over Pokemon Go. It was officially released here in Malaysia a few days back and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Its nice but you basically just walk around catching Pokemon. Where's the storyline? I'd rather finish Platinum or even start on Black & White. Its fun, but not as fun haha.

PS. I tried this Fly GPS thing and it kinda worked but it didn't? It brought me to placed like Madison Square Garden and Marina Bay Sands but I couldn't catch one single Pokemon when I was there :(

3. Tapas & Line Webtoon!

Tapas and Line Webtoon are apps where you can read webcomics for free!

Not really a comic fanatic but I used to read Justice League Injustice online. When it got taken down I was so sad and I just didn't want to read anything online ever again. A few weeks later, Refinery29's shared this comic strip about a superhero costume designer and I've been hooked ever since! It's called Heroine Chic on Line Webtoon.

I then explored Line Webtoon's collection and I really like Siren's Lament & Super Secret. Siren's Lament is about mermaids and some curse while Super Secret is about this werewolf in hiding haha.

Tapas actually has a website called Tapastic where you can read the webcomics on your web browser as well. On Tapas I really liked Switch, A Matter of Life and Death, Dragon Husbands & The God in The Field.


Okay, I said I only have 3 photo apps but this app is really playing with my heart that I might just keep it. You know how Korean celebrities all have this one pinkish filter that they always use? Well one day I got curious and downloaded a bunch of apps just to find it. 

I'm not sure if Snow's Peach filter is the right one, but I stumbled upon Snow's cute face stickers and OMG KILL ME NOW I CAN JUST STARE AT MYSELF ALL DAY ON THIS APP.

*P.S Yes, I dyed my hair back to dark brown the other day*

It's similar to Snapchat (aka face filter, sendable pics/vids that disappear) but their stuff are just so cute! I use Snow to record videos and then post them on Insta's new story feature (because Instagram is where my followers be at and I can't look unedited ratchet on Instagram).

5. Bitmoji

I still use Snapchat most of the time and as an honorable mention, I thought I'd talk about the new Bitmojis. I made my own avatar and the stickers are just so on point haha.

And that was it! I hope you guys enjoyed this filler post! I'll be posting another cafe hopping post tomorrow so do look out for that! 

As always thanks for reading and see you all in the next post!


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