Last Sem Break + Internship

August 19, 2016

Hola! Today's post will be about my last sem break and the first week of my internship.

My last semester ended a few weeks back and it was a pretty bittersweet moment. I can't believe it's been more than two years since I last came with my suitcase and started my diploma in Penang. I'll definitely miss my room, the Penang food and basically my whole life on the island. Two plus years really made me feel like Penang was my home, but it's time to start another chapter in my life. I really learned a lot about people, about living away from family and about myself (am I getting to dramatic hahaha).

Bottom line: see you soon, Penang!

Before my internship in KL started, I had a few weeks off, which I spent at home in Melaka. My family's actually moving to another house so it was a bit hectic at home to be honest.

Denise aka Fufy came to visit for one week and we basically went cafe hopping and sight seeing. To be honest if it wasn't for her I would have probably spent my whole break watching shows on my laptop.

Here's a few touristy pictures from our walks (if you haven't already seen them on Instagram):

MELAKA WAS SO HOT OMG. I'm not kidding, even at home with fans and everything I just couldn't avoid sweating!

As I mentioned, we went cafe hopping. I have the reviews up here on my blog already, so if you're interested in reading those, click here!

I got a lot of photos for Instagram in the few days that Fufy was in Melaka hahaha. My game has been strong on IG lately! I've been trying this thing where I post daily/constantly. Aiming to reach 2k followers by the end of this year!

Here's a few polaroids:

A few snapchat snaps:

And a few vain shots with flowers (bc that's my aesthetic)

Can't clock the photoshop right? Haha

My internship started on the 15th and I'm actually staying in Bella's house while I search for a place. I'm currently working in this company called which is basically a catalog for a lot of brands and shopping websites.

Everyone in the team I was assigned to is pretty friendly and to be honest I gotta be more interactive. I tend to not want to speak to people in general (although I'm quite talkative once you get to know me). I really need to work on that.

Me being a hoe aside, I've learned a ton of things, one of them being link building. One of the tools introduced to me was Majestic SEO, and I tried it on this blog and found out that my blog has 4 billion external backlinks!

I searched that up and basically it's if other sites link to me or if I link to other places. I've rambled about countless random things here that I'm actually not that surprised hahaha. At least I have a high citation and trust flow?

Anyhoo, I'm not that good at work to be honest and I feel kinda lost most of the time, but I'll learn and work hard for that cash!

PS. Sorry for the minimal edit T.T Ignore my bags, I'm still adjusting to my new 9 to 5 life

PPS. Yes, I currently have brown hair.

PPPS. I need to buy more clothes.

On Friday I was actually a bit late for work, but hey! It was my most productive day. It's currently 4pm as I'm typing this and I was totally focused on my work (prior to this, obvi)

There's a company meetin later and new employees supposedly have to dance or sing...can I just run away now XD Anyways, I don't know how I'll deal with that but wish me luck!

I'll be going to KLCC later to check out Innisfree's grand opening and hopefully get a cushion, so I'll update you guys more about that tomorrow. I hope I don't get lost or anything, this is legit my first time travelling alone in KL~

And that's it for this brief diary post! I'll be posting my review of Laneige's Water Bank Eye Gel this coming week (FINALLY) and I really hope I'll be able to get a cushion in my shade so I can review it, so do keep an eye out for those posts! If you're interested in reading some of my previous skincare product reviews, click here!

I also posted a new playlist post, so if you haven't read that yet, click here!

As always, thanks a lot for reading and see you in the next post!



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