STORYTIME: Innisfree KLCC Grand Opening

August 20, 2016

Okay, so here's something new. You know how YouTubers have those storytime videos where they talk about a bad experience? I never thought I'd make one, but here I am. I thought about whether or not I should actually make this post just because its so trivial and stupid, but I'll write about it anyway because I was just so disappointed.

A few weeks back I saw that Innisfree was going to be opening a new shop in KLCC (its their 4th store in Malaysia). I don't really buy my products from stores that often anymore because there's where its cheaper. So I was just "okay, cool. They have a new shop".

I've been on the hunt for a BB Cushion and I was actually planning on buying Laneige's BB Cushion because they had one in my shade. I may look fair in my pictures guys, but trust me I'm super tan. It's all photoshop! Anyways, along with the news of the shop's grand opening was the launch of the My Cushion. You can basically buy the BB Cushion and choose from their 100 limited edition cases. (At least, I think its 100 designs, I'm not sure).

I didn't want to go at first because the shades listed on were so light, so I thought that the shop wouldn't carry a shade dark enough for me as well. 

I was just about to shrug it off when I came across this blogpost by KelvinWKW

Source: KelvinWKW

Do you see that shade! N33! It actually looks dark enough to be my shade!

I read on and  found that the cushions were bought from a KL Innisfree shop. I felt like it was a sign! My shade and a grand opening? I just had to search the price up. Lo and behold:

50 BUCKS LEH. Compared to Laneige it was so much cheaper! I then decided to visit the shop after work.

Come Friday evening, I was so excited. The other night I legit wrote a draft for a "Grand Opening" post including their special promos, all about the My Cushion, etc. All that was left was for me to go, take pictures and buy my stuff. I actually woke up late and got to work a few minutes late, but who cares. I was getting myseld a cushion! I even planned a video review.

I'm not exaggerating or even kidding, but I was legit singing to my self "on my way to get my cushionnn~" like some crazy person after work. Cray right? I swear, now that I'm looking back at it I don't know why I was so happy/excited. Here's a gif of me rushing to the train station after work:

I waited for the train and it was delayed for 40 friggin minutes. Key in the fact that I was wearing a shirt and a sweater and your answer is HELL NO. Still, I waited for it and went to KLCC. If only I noticed the signs. Sigh.

So when I arrived in KLCC, this group of 3 guys and one girl surrounded me. I immediately knew they wanted donations but I had to wait for the stoplight to turn green for me to be able to cross, so I was stuck with them (I was in front of Avenue K's H&M). In the end they harassed me and asked for donations so I ended up giving RM10 just because didn't let me go even when the light turned green. Assholes. They even gave me fake compliments like "Ohh you lool like a famous cosplayer do I know you? You look like you don't go under the sun a lot leh, you look so fair". Bitch please. I'm so tan I look like a barbequed Korean.

Anyways when got away from them I entered KLCC and went to look for a toilet. If you didn't already know, I have oily sweaty skin and at this point, I was hideous. Sweat dripping, brows smudged...I didn't dare walk into a skincare/beauty store looking like that. I went to the toilet to wipe my sweat, blot my oil and redo my brows. So much effort, it's not like I was even on a date or anything. I really wanted to take good photos so I at least attempted to look decent.

After touching up i then proceeded to find the shop. It's actually not that big compared to what I had expected.

But still, it was Innisfree! They even have the same leaf backdrop like the ones in Singapore! The free gifts were all long gone and I was fine with that. I saw all the different cases and OMG I was so happy like I didn't even know which one to choose!

Here's more of the designs available:

And when I went to swatch the BB cushions right, guess what? N33 WASN'T FUCKING THERE. The darkest shade that they had was N31 (Walnut) and it was so light. It didn't look like the one in the picture I found! I legit stared at the cushions for so long that the lady attending to that section started looking at me weird. I asked her if they had N33 and she was like sorry, we don't carry a shade in N33, N31 is the darkest.


I wanted to legit cry on the spot. There were other products on sale but I didn't need any of them. Most of them also i could have gotten off Hermo for way cheaper than retail price. I legit just came to this shop to buy a cushion my shade and they didn't have it.

First of all, EXCUSE ME Innisfree but I don't think you noticed that your shop is in Malaysia. You may or may not know this but people with darker skin tones exist too. Laneige was smart enough to know that and released a *slightly* dark shade. The fact that Innisfree sold cushions that were so fucking white and that I spent so much effort, time and money to get there was just so disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I love Innisfree's skincare products and will still continue to buy them, but this event just made their brand image in my mind go straight to the dumps.

Anyways, for those interested, here's more photos of the shop. If you're fucking white I encourage you to go and get the cushion, the coverage is fucking good.

Tbh there were a lot of pretty good deals there, like this clay mask deal: for only RM50 you get the mask and some extra stuff:

And I'd say the green tea serum set was quite okay too, but I didn't have enough money to spend on things that I didn't plan on buying in the first place so...

I was so sad, like I could have saved my time and money. If I looked hideous on the way, I looked monstrous on the way back. I didn't care about the sweat anymore and just started typing this post on my phone. My back was drenched in sweat and my leather backpack was kinda damp too.

I was so depressed all the way back home. I grabbed two pretzels from Aunty Annes and stuffed myself all the way to the train station. I was so depressed that I didn't give a fuck that I was bathing in sweat. I was so disappointed that I didn't even notice that I had fucking crumbs on my mouth. I was so sad that I almost knocked this kid down. *I didn't see her and my bag knocked into her, but her mum caught her and gave me some serious side eye*.

You know the best part? On the train to KL Sentral these two girls who had Innisfree bags stood beside me. One took out her cushion and started talking about how nice the pattern/design was! Can you believe that? Its like the world just said "Fuck you Eros, you dark fuck you ain't getting a cushion, look at these white girls play with their cushions instead!".

That night I got home (after another hour's worth of train delay) and applied a thick layer of bleach cream on my face. I've been using this Kojic Acid soap from a Filipino dermatologist that came with this bottle of toner and a tub of 10% bleaching cream. Everything just sucked that night.

To be honest I think I overreacted and I didn't have to be that disappointed over one cushion. I can always buy from Laneige when I get my salary. Its just that I really liked the designs and it was so affordable. Come to think of it I was so mad that I forgot to take pictures of the cushions and see if they were really 50 bucks. Sigh. Oh well.

Through this whole thing I learned that even if you want something really bad, you can't control life. You can want something real bad but if its not meant to be, its not meant to be. I don't get angry often; on the contrary I'm actually a very optimistic person. I'll just take this as a sign that the world wants me to buy Laneige's cushion.

If you would like to visit the store, here's the address:

innisfree KLCC
Lot C11, Concourse Level, Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Again, this post isn't to defame Innisfree or anything like that. It's to share with you guys a miserable night that I had because I had too much expectations and didn't do enough research *I searched up N33 that night and came up with nothing lol, maybe they discontinued N33*

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, see you all in the next one!


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  1. Omg at last innisfree in klcc ive been waiting for so long. Tq for posting abt thse. Thnks to you now i know innfree in klcc. Bye


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