Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Review

May 23, 2015

So today I'll be reviewing the super popular Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

If you follow Korean skincare trends, you've probably already heard of this product. For those of you that haven't, this product is a very popular gel that people in Korea don't buy it per tub, but PER BOX. The reason why they do this is because apparently whenever they restock the product it finishes almost at once, so to be safe they buy it by the box. Its just that good!

I got one from the Nature Republic store in Queensbay Mall last June for about RM33 I think. Nowadays other brands like The Face Shop and Etude House have their own 92% Aloe Vera Gel, but although I haven't tried other brands' gel, I'd stick with Nature Republic's one because they're more well known and there's a reason why they're product is so well known! *Another reason is because EXO was Nature Republic's model XD I don't know if they still are, but when they were still 12 they advertised this product. The product can be seen in their Miracles of December MV as well*

So the reason why I'm making a review almost a year after purchasing this product is:

1. I made a blog draft but I forgot about it and never got to finish it
2. I still have half the tub, so i can still make a review about it right?

This product is a multi-functional product that serves as a moisturizing pack, a base, for after shave, for hair treatment, as an eye pack, for nails, as lotion and to comfort sensitive skin. This product contains 92% California aloe and is paraben, mineral and artificial colouring free! Sounds like the perfect product right?

Since this product was mainly intended for skincare I searched up the benefits of aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is supposed to:

1. Cure sunburn
2. Act as moisturizer
3. Treat acne
4. Fight aging
5. Lessens visibility of stretch marks

So without further ado, here's my honest, unsponsored review of Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel!

*disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and I'm not advertising or anything*


When I first got it I opened the product and applied the product to a freshly cleansed face. Maybe it was because of the weather but it felt very sticky and inconvenient. I read online that since it was gel it should be kept cold in a fridge so I did just that. On my second application the next day IT WAS HEAVEN. It was so good! The cold gel felt so refreshing, cooling and yes, soothing!


It absorbs quite fast into the skin (in about 20 seconds to 1 minute, depending on how much product you apply). The remaining product I have left on my hands I usually wipe on my neck or hair.

As for the results: 

Moisturizing: Yes, it was very moisturizing. It's made my face feel very hydrated and fresh.

Acne: At that time I still had active acne and it did manage to calm the redness and inflammation a bit. I don't think it can get rid of pimples but it did manage to help fade my scars a bit.

Fights aging: Um, I'm still young so I don't really know. I have noticed that it firms the skin and when I smile my face is a bit tighter. It also helps to get rid of dark circles!

Lessens visibility of stretch marks: I don't have that much stretch marks and wrinkles on my face, but I feel that my skin feels tighter after using the gel, so this product might help those with stretch marks/wrinkles :)



- Very moisturizing and hydrating
- Absorbs very fast
- Great for oily skins as it is gel
- Its very cooling and soothing if kept in fridge
- Multi-functional
- Comes in a very big tub and lasts a long time
- Soothes inflamed acne and helps with scar fading
- Tightens skin
- Helps with dark circles

Sometimes I try this thing called skin fasting where I try not to put anything on my skin for the whole day. Search it up on Google! ^^ So anyways there was this one time where after washing my face I only applied toner and this product. I got lazy and died on my bed, and after 24 hours my face still felt nice and hydrated. Since I have oily skin my face usually feels sticky and tacky if I don't wash it, but my face felt perfectly normal ^^


I used this product almost everyday for the first two months of buying it, but sometime after that It turned into a liquid consistency instead of gel! I was quite shocked and left it in my fridge. I didn't use it for a while because it thought it was spoiled and it was probably a defect product. I checked online for signs of a fake product but my product was original. After a few weeks I checked it again and it was back to gel. It's never gone back to liquid and I'm just...confused I guess lol.


After applying it it leaves this very shiny finish. I only use this product at night and on some mornings when I stay at home and decided to pamper myself. I don't wear makeup, but if you do, the shiny effect might be covered by foundation/bb and might not cause any problems. Might. I don't really know hahaha. Just know that it leaves the skin a bit shiny.


This is definitely one of my favourite skincare products! Its very moisturizing and is very good for my oily skin. Whenever I travel I tend to break out and this gel serves as a very good product for treatment and conditioning my skin. It does everything that it says it will and more. Aside from that one time where it turned liquid, I feel like this product is perfect and I just love it! I recommend this product to everyone! Its suitable for oily skin since its a gel and for dry skin because its very hydrating and moisturizing.


Yes! Once I run out (whenever that may be) I shall repurchase again. I saw this  product up on for only RM29! If you're interested you can check it by clicking on this link. Since I've been having an online skincare shopping spree recently I might purchase another tub of gel here next time ^^ *click here to get a RM15 voucher!*

So that's all from me, I hope you enjoyed this very delayed but honest review of Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel! ^^ Thanks for reading and please look forward to my future reviews!



  1. Hi, wan ask is this gel help to reduce acne spot and scar please?

  2. Hi, wan ask is this gel help to reduce acne spot and scar please?

    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting. This product can help calm down your skin and prevent it from breaking out & causing acne, but for acne spots I would recommend a pimple cream with benzoyl peroxide like OXY5/OXY10 and for scars you can use scar gels like OXY Anti Pimple Mark or The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector. ^^

  3. Hey I wanna ask in ur opinion which one is more better nature republic or the face shop aloe gel??I been fighting to use which one..helps me..

    1. Hi Nur, thanks for commenting! Both of them are actually quite similar with only a RM1O difference in price. They both have almost the same effects too, but personally I would purchase The Face Shop Aloe Gel again because the consistency of the gel is nice and didn't turn liquid like the Nature Republic one :)

  4. Hola guapo,

    Just read you comparison with FS version, many thanks!

    Aloe vera products tend to be a bit shiny, with that sort of sticky-ish film that tightens the face.

    To counteract that shine and stickiness: I pat the gel in, instead of spreading or massaging.

    Patting/ gentle slapping helps the gel penetrate the skin faster and in a more homogeneous way.

    This technique works wonder with nearly everything, from applying water-like FTE to rich cream etc. ;)))

    1. Hi Vanilla, thanks for commenting! I actually use that patting motion with the FTP as well as a few other products, but I've never tried it with aloe gel. Thanks for the tip! :)

  5. does it help to lighten dark patches? like near my inner thighs

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi! Im a guy and my night routine is cleanser > toner > spot treatment(oxy 5 & hiruscar) > moisturizer. I was wondering if it is okay to put aloe vera gel over the spot treatment or will it be better to use a different type of moisturizer.

    1. Hi! I think for the part with the treatment you can still apply the gel, but make sure that the treatment has been fully absorbed before layering a moisturizer on top :)


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