May 28, 2015

In the K-pop world a full album is usually followed by a repackage album with a similar or different concept with a few new songs included together with the original songs from the full. EXO's 2nd full album EXODUS came in a whopping 20 versions and I thought that since they already released a lot of versions they weren't going to release a repackage (like SNSD's 4th full album I Got a Boy which came in 10 versions). I guess SM needs more money because on June 3rd EXO will be releasing their 2nd repackaged album Love Me Right!

When it was first announced the first few group teaser photos along with Chanyeol's teaser was uploaded on their official site . I love the whole quarterback concept! But how are they going to dance in it lol.

homagash Chanyeol looks so fineeee and Baekhyun and Suho and Xiumin and Sehun homagashhhhh



The concept is kinda college-ish to me and it reminds me of XOXO! Kinda like from high school to college~

Now I've heard a lot of things before they announced this (like Yixing's song Promise is gonna be in it, it's gonna have an English version, it's not gonna have Tao in it...) but as of now I don't really know any confirmed details yet.

*Update #1: Tao will not be participating in this comeback T.T an SM rep announced that he did not participate in the recording of the new songs and will not be promoting with them as he's currently having legal issues with SM.

*Update #2: More teaser photos!

...what is this outfit

first thing i thought of when I saw this was that Suho looks young here hahaha

XIUMIN AND HIS HAIR WHYYYY. i saw pictures of them going to Shanghai for EXO lu'xion and his hair looked so fluffy homg

CHANYEOL AND HIS BLONDE HAIR TOO! AND HIS TATTOO! pls pls pls make the tattoo i approve hahaha

Chen looks quite nice in this picture too ^^

first thing I thought of was "waaaah why does Lay look so fine here" XD

...I don't know what to feel about this. I saw the uniforms and I like them but...uniforms again? And does this set mean that they'll be dancing in a room just like Growl? WHERE IS MY QUARTERBACK CONCEPT??!

*Update #3: YesAsia links & prices!

There will be 4 new songs in addition to the 10 songs in EXODUS. Since the album art for the repackage is similar to EXODUS I expect they will physically be similar to EXODUS. *I'll upload photos of the album soon*. I don't know if the album will be released in 18 versions or anything, but so far I've only seen "Korean" and "Chinese" versions. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

*Update #4: MV Teaser!

It looks like some of the shots are abroad like their Pathcode_EXO teasers and I approve hahaha. I hope they release dance and drama versions!

One thing that I'm not sure how to feel about is money lol. I kinda expected this and I think I'll have enough money but homagash so many other things to buy but NOH! Priorities! I feel like the photobook for this is gonna be super nice! I hope not all of the photos are in black and white and that at most they only release two versions T.T SM please have mercy on my wallet

*post to be updated!*

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