May 9, 2015

Love Sick Season 2 is now out! If you don't already know, Love Sick is a Thai series that I really enjoyed last year and its now back for its second season! If you're interested in watching it with English subs, I made a post about Season 1 last year so you can click here to check that out!

Anyway the series started out a bit awkward in my opinion, but withing 1 minute one the opening credits I was already fanboying hahahaha why producers whyyyyy! There were a few character changes (like Om and Mo's guy friend), but most of the cast like Phun, Noh, Earn, Yuri, Aim, Jeed, Grace and Mo are still there. Mo is so pwetty homg. Jeed is still a bitch that will kena one of these days, and like most people I wanna believe that Grace is not just a bitch but actually a bitch with a heart. And WTH Aim, WTH.

I tried looking for any official photos like last season but these were all that I could find, together with some photos from an event T.T

I watched season 1 on Youtube subbed by Kuda Lakorn but for this season he (or she) decided to upload it to Dailymotion instead. Links are available on his/her site!

#PhunNoh kkk. If you're interested in reading the original web novel, English translations are also available on the site! Click here to check that out~

I also found out that you can get some official merchandise this season. Click here to find out more about that ^^

Photos aren't mine and all credits for the videos and subs + translations go to Kuda Lakorn!

ps. found this photo in Google. homg is the cast going abroad or something?

*don't judge me, i really enjoy this series. if you don't like it then don't watch it :O*

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