May 9, 2015

I'm here today to talk about this new vocal group that I really really like! ^^ They're called Little Glee Monster!

They're a Japanese acapella/vocal group consisting of 6 members and their singing is just awesome! I first came across one of their videos when I was looking for a clip of Glee's cast singing Seasons of Love. Unfortunately, Glee had deleted all of the videos from previous seasons so i couldn't find it. Instead I found Little Glee Monster's own cover of the song on their channel! I guess it was this video that sparked that interest inside me hahahaha

Youtube then suggested their rendition of the Cup song and i remember thinking that it was fun and I wished that i could do it with my friends too XD

I remember thinking that Manaka (the one with purple headphones) was really good, so I searched her up on Youtube and watched this video:

I was like WHOAAAA this girl can really sing! I don't know how she ended up from that show to the group, or if the other members were like her and they were banded together. All I know now is that they're really good singers and they're under Sony Japan.

I didn't follow them on Youtube but suggested videos still popped up in my homepage. It was only until yesterday that I decided to click on another video of theirs and I was again reminded of how much potential they had! I'm gonna be introducing them down below but first, watch these videos!

i haven't watched this video because Sony blocked it in my country T.T

LGM has a PV for their song Harmony and they also released a live version, so compare for yourselves! ^^

I cannot I'm in fanboy mode right now hahaha *o*

I searched them up on Google and their official website came up.


(i love that everyone has their own colour *v* its kinda like Red Velvet/SHINee/2NE1/Shounen Hollywood homg)

Everything including their profiles are in Japanese, so with the help of Google Translate, I kinda deciphered what their profiles said:

そんな夢を抱いた最強の歌少女たちが全国から集まって結成された、それが“Little Glee Monster”。


"The strongest song girls holding a such a dream was formed and gathered from all over the country, it is "Little Glee Monster".
The Glee "frees the mind, to delight" is the etymology of musical terms.
Monsters our little song, a weapon the clear and powerful singing voice harmony,
I aim to full-fledged singer units world-class"


June 1 1998
Born in Osaka
Mood maker of the group
Beat box in special training
Large dogs are her favourite

May 13 1999
From Hokkaido
Mysterious character
During longing (???) to maid cafe
Showa Kayo lover

April 25 1998
Student in Yamanashi Prefecture
Soothing voice with a sense of trasparency
Lip form fetish (?)

September 12 1999
From Osaka
Leopard researcher
Voice is larege
Osaka aunt character

June 8 1998
Shizuoka Prefecture
Body is soft, Hamori (???)
Good at playing piano and talking

December 5 2000
Born in Osaka
Loves The Beatles
In love with John Lennon

I'm definitely looking forward to more of their stuff in the future ^^ click on the links below to go to their official social medias!

also check out these other videos that i found on Youtube ^^


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