Hermo.my May Storewide Sale

May 23, 2015

Hermo.my had a May storewide sale and I decided to treat myself to some goodies ^^

Hermo.my already has a lot of reductions on all the products available on the site. The storewide sale had MORE offers/reductions available and orders above RM150 and RM 250 instantly had RM20 and RM30 reduced respectively.

*this is not a paid post or anything, I just got really excited about the stuff that I bought hahaha*

As you guys may or may not know I am a skincare junkie and if I had a job all my earnings would probably go to skincare. I'm vain like that hahaha. Since I'm a student and I legit save to the max, I don't really spend as much as I would want because I have to save it all.

I came across the sale on Wednesday, 20th of May. Mind you, I didn't have any intention of buying anything. I was only going to go check up the price of Namu's Snail White Snail Cream because I came across one in Gurney Plaza and it was selling for RM149. I found the product, saw the sale, one thing lead to another and I was already purchasing it lol. In a record time of 10 minutes.

I usually don't spend money and I think after saving for so long I kinda developed this mild fear of spending? I'm being over dramatic right now but lol it is kinda true. Whenever I wanna buy something I ask myself "Do I need this or do I want this??!!' and I see what long term benefits and risks it may have to me and my saving plans for this year. In the end I decided that spending something on myself wasn't so bad~ I only bought two things yet I feel like I spent so much lol.


In case you were wondering I got Namu's Snail White Snail Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Cream *wow that's a mouthful* and Skin79's Super Plus BB Cream in VIP Gold. I don't wear makeup but I needed a bit more to reach the RM150 mark and the "2 items free delivery" quota. I saw that this was very cheap and thought "Hey, what the hell, imma try this shit". I can always give it to one of my friends or my sister hahaha. Overall the two products cost RM156 after all the reductions and vouchers. Crazy cheap right?

I ordered it Wednesday night and got a message Thursday morning that the shipping was delayed due to some stock problems. Friday night I checked and saw that the product was shipped from Johor and Saturday afternoon *about 3pm* a received the package. The order took 3 days and the delivery was legit overnight, so I'd say their delivery services are quite good. I got a discount card for the late shipping as well so no complaints there haha.


I'll be sure to make reviews of these products soon. The Snail White review might not come so fast, but please look forward to it! ^^ In the mean time I recommend anyone who wants to buy skincare products at cheaper prices to go check out Hermo.my! Register and click here to receive a 15% discount! ^^

Thanks for reading! Bye!


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