May 8, 2015

My bangs have always been one of my most precious assets. I feel like without bangs I feel almost naked and weird. Ever since I started high school I've had very similar haircuts and all of them have my bangs down. One of the most popular trends in Korea right now are see through bangs (for girls at least). The term might seem a bit weird because why would you have see through bangs when the whole point of having bangs is to have something to cover your forehead? See through bangs are actually kinda like china bangs but are layered and thin enough that they look natural and not as edgy. To me they give a very effortless, pretty look.

This look has been around in Asia since last year and was popularized by Koreans celebs *pls correct if I'm wrong lol*. Out of all the celebs that I've seen, my favourite one will always be EXID's Hani. I feel like the bangs are her signature look and that she pulls it off wonderfully ^^

gosh I am so in love with Hani right now *o*

Soshi also pulled it of pretty well! My faves would probably be Tiffany, Jessica and Taeyeon's ^^

Since it's a trend a lot of people have done tutorials and videos on how to do it yourself. To me hair is very risky to cut on your own, especially if you have no experience whatsoever. I've snipped my hair here and there myself, so to each her own actually hahahaha.

Now I haven't seen any guys with this kind of bangs but I personally had my hair cut into something similar to a layered bowl cut where I had straight bangs last year, and when it grew longer I loved it! I don't think I'm going to get see through bangs though because my forehead acne needs to be concealed from the world hahaha. I am thinking of cutting my bangs straight again though~

talk about a bad fringe day

That's all for this post! This was such a random blogpost that after typing it up I didn't know what to think XD It's legit 2.30am now, goodnight and I hope you enjoyed this short post! ^^


I said what the hell, I'm gonna cut my bangs straight, and since my hair is already layered, it somehow turned into see through bangs? I don't even know hahaha.


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