pink day

February 2, 2013

on our way to school today, we noticed that the sky was pink and blue! ^^

we didn't have ECA today, thank goodness for that.

after school, my friends and i headed to Sam Tet for the Leo Quiz :) i though i was competing but in the end i just watched XD

we lost :O

after that, we went to Parade for a while :D i went to the music store that Hoy Yan recommended. they were selling I Got A Boy for RM69 /.\ i bought it at Speedy for RM99. sigh. RM30 could've been used for another album T^T

when i went in, i saw GEE, HOOT and RUN DEVIL RUN! :D i literally bought GEE as soon as i saw it. lol impulse buying much. its the first i've seen in stores and i wasn't just gonna let it slip by me.


they also had TWINKLE and the complete DVD collection ^^ they even had B1A4's In The Wind! :O omg omg omg somebody please give me money XD

today's Victoria's birthday! ^^ omg omg omg my Khuntoria feels XD

i decided yesterday, after watching O SCHOOL's videos *yes, i still follow them*, that after CIE, i'll start dancing and hopefully, i'll perform for the first and last time on my school stage :D i wanna showcase my dancing ability x) so imma be learning

Little Mix - Wings (The Alias Radio Edit)

Rye Rye - Dance

its awesome right? and super fast! :O its my type of dance! ^^ i have an estimated time of 4 months to practice this. so FIGHTING :D

thanks for reading today's short blog post :D


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