February 4, 2013

its 1.23am and i can't sleep :|
*yes, it really is 1.23am as i'm typing this ^^ make a wish!*

i'm kinda excited for the chinese new year holiday :D 11 days of freedom baby! ^^ but CIE is coming ever so fast /.\ i seriously tried to do some Physics revision today, but i stopped after...um...a minute. O.O err, at least i started. and i tried XD

today i watched Ailee's Evening Sky music video and i'm confused. she took it from a movie? O.O the song is nice and i actually did enjoy the story, but...is she trying to advertise the movie or something?

i also thought that it sounded quite similar to Taylor Swift's Red :O but i really really really loved the song and the MV! ^^

i'm a big fan of MVs with nice stories and, of course, a nice song. INFINITE's leader Kim Sunggyu's solo song 60 Seconds is both ^^ i know it was released some time back, but i saw the photos and the album  cover and though that it would be some other dubstep song with flashy dancing. i came across the MV after watching Ailee's MV and when i saw that the thumbnail didn't look anything like a dance video at all, i checked it out.

I Need You sound good too :)

i saw the album when i bought Gee yesterday ^^

speaking of albums, i mentioned in my previous post that i saw Run Devil Run but didn't get it. i always told myself that it would be the first kpop album that i would buy, but i didn't. its because i was turned off by the fact that it came in a dvd case and thought that it would be just the cd. i watched an unboxing video and found out that it actually had a folded poster so they had to opt for a dvd case! ^^ i'm super excited right now. imma go buy it as soon as possible *which might be this friday T^T* I NEED IT! i'm praying that nobody else buys it. if i do get to buy it, it'll be my 10th overall kpop album ^^ *i currently have 7 SNSD albums and 2 SJ albums*

i also found out today that SNSD will be releasing their first full length english album!! and there's gonna be an english version of I Got a Boy! ^^ /hides in corner to spazz/

i typed this post on my tab. its so weird, there's no haptic feedback/vibration like my phone. i miss blogging on my laptop. sigh.

it is now exactly 1.45am and imma sneak out to try and post this via pc :D


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