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February 11, 2013

money money money. just the thought of it makes my head hurt! @.@ i always end up with no money just when i need it or there's something that i wanna buy. so this year, i decided to make a budget for my expenses. i'll have to save up as much as i can and spend as little as possible. the major expenses that i wrote down in my budget book are:

1. GD album (MAR)
- i decided to have an album exchange with my new kpop friend Hoy Yan ^^ i'll buy an album for her for her birthday and she'll give me one on mine.

2. Naomi's birthday present (APR)

3. Caryn's birthday present (JUN)

4. Christmas albums (DEC)

- for the rest of the months, i'll save money for the albums i'm planning to buy from YesAsia. they're cheaper and will come in mint condition. they are:

- Into the New World (SNSD)
- Baby Baby (SNSD)
- Girls Generation Vol. 1 (SNSD)
- Oh! (SNSD)
- Run Devil Run (SNSD)
- Hoot (SNSD)
- Twinkle (TTS)

yes. 9 albums in total. estimated amount: RM400. but i'll only be able to get them on Christmas/December. sighhhhhhh.


i will even cut down on buying moisturizers and facial washes and masks T^T *i'll ask my mum to buy them for me x)*

i know i'm one to talk big, but this year, i'm really determined to achieve my goals:

1. buy my albums

i really am a big fan of SNSD and EXO. EXO will be releasing a new album and i heard that SNSD's going to release their first full length english album soon, but i didn't include them in my list because i'm focusing on buying SNSD's previous albums first. besides, i might get the new ones as my birthday present ^^

2. stay in shape

for the past week, i've been dancing, doing 50 situps and 10...err...*that thing where you jump and go to a pushup positon then jump and repeat* a day. i feel tired, but happy afterwards ^^


I AM FIRED UP. i will get those As! i've been studying more and doing revision. just now, i made a schedule of the things imma revise this upcoming one week CNY holiday. nothing is impossible, nothing is unreachable and nothing can stand in my way.

on the other hand, i'm now having my Chinese New Year week long holiday ^^ all of my friends are out eating and receiving money and i'm stuck at home :(

my family and some other filipino friend and their family *plus Isabelle* went to clearwater :D we went swimming and took photos underwater! it was a nice getaway. i put on a lot of sunblock and although i didn't get sunburned, i still got darker D: sighhhhhhhhhh.

when we got home that night, i watched EXO's debut showcase. i know that it's already been a year and i'm only just watching it now *what kind of fan am i?!* but i HAVE watched most of the showcase, just not together in one shot. so i locked myself in my room, turned on the aircon and rolled myself in my blanlets ^^ omg JOONMYUN WAS SO
HAPPYYYYY XD and even then people already super loved LUHAN :D KRIS and JONGIN were still so damn...sexayyyyyy @.@ and SEHUNNNNNNNNAAAAAA ^^ omg omg omg mah exo feelssss! i was locked in my room and i was screaming + shouting + singing +
fanboying so hard! ><

the official videos released by SM (with english subs):

i totally totally 100% LOVED the whole showcase ^^ at the end when Suho was tearing up i was like "ULJIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" XD the part where i fanboyed the hardest was during Kris and Chanyeol's rap in Two Moons ^^

that is SO going on my ipod ^^ he was like "whattttuppppp" XD 


i've literally been in my room watching videos ever since the holiday started :| here are some of the videos that you guys should check out ^^

Jessica, Luna and Sungmin on Taxi :D it was quite a change to see Jessica on her own and not with any members :O

and this compilation was just so...touching. seeing all of them cry...it just makes a SONE sad :( that part where Yuri was crying and pushing people away...

before CNY, i watched this video on YouTube, and the very next day, it was screened in my school hall and i got to watch it again! XD

Beyonce's performance during the Super Bowl was EPIC. she even had Kelly and Michelle there! it struck me then that even Beyonce was once in a girl group :O i think its always better to achieve stuff with together with your friends. Beyonce IS a legend now, but i wouldn't mind having a new Destiny's Child album in the near future :D

i'm currently watching movies again, and i think i'll be releasing review posts on the movies again ^^ *like i did on some before* 

if you would like, you can read, and watch, some of the videos by clicking here. just scroll down and look for them. *i tend to mix up my tags a lot ><*

i love fireworks :D

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