good morning

February 15, 2013

annyeonghaseyo :) i woke up at 5.20 today and its now 6am. i think this is one of the very few posts that i've written this early :O

the reason i'm up is because i'm going to work part time again today till sunday in Sandra's shop. I'm really trying to earn money @.@

i couldn't sleep last night 'cause i had a freaking headache @.@ i took some paracetamol and it didn't help at all. i went to bed at about 10 and only got to sleep at 12.

anyhoo, i recently finished watching Seducing Mr. Perfect, a very old korean movie with Daniel Henney in it. I now know why Jessica likes him so much XD

i succeeded in making macarons! ^^ i made some chocolate french macarons and added some icing that my mom gave me as the filling. it was super sweet. it's only a 80% succeess though because it didn't really rise from the pan.
i'm super hungry now and i just wanted to post before i left for Sandra's place. i need more Korean food in my life @.@ Naomi and I have been craving for it! she's currently watching "To the beautiful you" which i have been pestering her to watch ever since it came out XD she's so hardworking  she's even studying T.T

anyways, GOOD MORNING and have a pleasant day :)
*i hope i have a good one too*

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