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February 27, 2013

its been a week since my last post! @.@ homahgawdddd

for the past week, i've been sleeping quite late, so i decided to force myself to sleep earlier. o.o i usually sleep at 2am, but i try my best to sleep at 12 now. *its been raining a lot lately, so sleeping earlier was a goal i easily achieved ^^ i slept at 11 last night~*

the first monthly test are coming! @.@ WHY??! they keep on changing the exam time table and, as of today, our first exam will be on the 9th /.\ WHATTHEFUCK. that means if EXO has their comeback at that time...UGH i don't even wanna think about it =,= should be thinking about the exams...10 MORE DAYS! @.@

speaking of EXO, i've been having a hard time choosing a lock screen wallpaper again XD KRIS AND HIS NEW HAIR OMG. SEHUN AND HIS PERFECT PICTURES OMG /.\

i've also recently started making a list of all the stuff kpop artists wear that i like and i must say, its already become quite a long list @.@ 

my favourite brand now is Joyrich ^^ some of the stuff that i really really REALLY like and want to have are:

Joyrich Starburst Cap in Red

Joyrich Star Brigade Shorts in Blue

Converse x DC Comics Wonder Woman Chuck Taylor Hi Sneakers

VAGX Madhatter Welcome Motherf*uckers Snap Back Cap

Christian Louboutin Studded Louis Sneakers in black

OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T STOP MYSELF XD i want them all so bad but...THE PRICES O.O sigh. that star burst cap...T^T

in my free time, i've been watching TeukSo's WGM! ^^ LEETEUK IS TOO CUTE!

today, i put on Nivea's Body UV Whitening Serum and i just loved it ^^ i smelled like berries for the whole day! i usually just use it on my face, but today my skin was feeling a bit...dry so i used it. regret? = 0%! ^^

i think i need a haircut @.@ my bangs have been in my face and distracting me -,- everyone's telling me to go cut it~

i'm gonna go back to studying now T^T this has been one of the most random + quickly made post ever. i miss having the time to blog T^T

to end things on a happy note, watch this! :D

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