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February 16, 2013

i ended up not going to Sandra's today :P oh well. i was up early and stayed up a bit to do some reading. i went back to sleep right after.

i woke up again at 12 and watched SHINee's Wonderful Day after eating lunch ^^ i think its an AWESOME idea to travel anywhere you want to for a few days to experience new things. i'm so jealousssssss.

for the missing/not yet uploaded part:
(just forward it. the subs are quite...scarce though)

did i use the word scarce correctly lol

Naomi and i made a promise to go to Korea in the future soon though XD i wonder if that promise will come true.

for dinner, we went out for Ayam Tauge. it's been such a long time since we last had it so it was a very nice dinner ^^ i was so full. i saw this thing that turned me off though == no matter how handsome or pretty a person is, you shouldn't judge them just by their looks. they might be some disgusting hobo-like person or a very pervertic person! == i saw this guy...ugh, its too disgusting to write down~ i'll leave it to your imaginations~

when we got back i rewatched a few episodes of 2NE1 TV and i really can't stop and wish that they were my noonas x) i'm an SM fan, but i love 2NE1 and BIGBANG too. their style is unique and i honestly think that their variety and high fashion is better than SM's. *i still love SM though XD* i'm suddenly self conscious and want a lot of fashionable items o.o i've always been one to favor branded goods but never able to buy any because i can't afford it. my future me will definitely be a fashionable person, so keep on following we okay? i will be EROS, fashionista extraordinaire XD i'm dying because EXO's casual fashion is just too perfect
*Park Bom reminds me so much of Crystal :( i miss talking with her*

the reason for tonigh's post title is because my mum asked me to search up some scholarships available and it got me thinking. i searched it up but i didn't really understand any of the stuff on the websites @.@

i'm planning on taking foreign languages *ahem KOREAN ahem* and my goal is to learn all i can about it and move to Korea and live happily ever after. i think that it might be very expensive though. coming from a big family...i'm just worried. i'm worried about doing well and living up to everyone's expectations because deep inside, i'm just a boy that loves his idols too much and has the teeniest, tiniest, littlest, most minute bit of hope waaaaaaaay deep inside him that he can maybe be like his idols :(

unachievable dreams aside, i really don't know what i wanna do in life. i feel so...lost :o as my friends said, i know about a lot of things but i only know a bit of each. Coordi? Dancer? Blogger? Journalist? what am i? :(

it's now 3.49 as i finish typing this. its time to retreat into my dreams.

sleep tonight while listening toaozorafantasii's english versions of Replay and Hello :)

other new songs on my ipod are:
One - SHINee
Forever or Never - SHINee
How are you - TVXQ
Love in the Ice - TVXQ

good night :)

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