February 20, 2013

i slept late last night to finish KHUNTORIA (T^T) and
watch some other shows, so i was seriously dead in
school. a lot of people have been noticing too, even my teachers. yesterday it was Ms. Yong and today it was Mr. Haris and Mr. Loke. my eyes were really droopy, i had a headache and wasn't feeling good the whole day.

Yokemun and Hoyyan actually ignored me on purpose
today so that i wouldn't be distracted and would focus more, but...i was dying because of my headache T^T i wanna thank them for their effort though. its nice to know some people worry about me ><

when i got home i still wasn't feeling good and decided to take a nap. when my sis woke me up for dinner, i was sweating and my whole body was aching. like, literally! /.\ my head, eyes, neck, back, arms, legs...heck, even my scalp was aching @.@ one interesting thing that happened, though, was that i actually dreamed of Kris! XD

1. I recently watched a fanvid of Kris in Vancouver, arguing with his friend to let him drive and all the fans around were like "LET KRIS DRIVE!" XD

2. my friend Kaiyan recently injured herself while getting into her car @.@ she also somehow...tumbled inside her car when she stopped at a stoplight XD

1 + 2 = my dream!

my dream was that Kris was in MY HOUSE's garage and was having some sort of party! XD and my friend Kaiyan was Kris' friend/driver!! XD i stared at them and Kris held out his hand to me and i went and shook it! >/////////<

i couldn't stop spazzing XD my EXO feels~ anyhoo, i decided to take a shower afterwards.

whenever i take showers, i usually sit on the toilet and think. *because thinking in the toilet is where my great ideas come from XD i strangely find myself often brainstorming there*. i reflected on my current attitude. i kept on telling myself that i had no motivation, but i couldn't lie to myself. i knew deep down that it was just my laziness. i've recently asked myself what my dream was so that i could strive for it. 

remembered right then that the reason i want to study languages is so that i can achieve my dream of living and working in Korea! ><; if i'm ever going to shake Kris' hand in real life, imma have to work hard!

so after taking a shower, i studied chemistry and did a bit of math. my class has a test on integrating and its applications tomorrow and i hope i do well :)

D76 to CIE!

ps. i also exercised my Korean and made a list of why i CAN pass CIE. if anyone who comes across this knows Korean, please read it and let me know if i have any mistakes! :D

내가 "A*" 달성 할수있어의 이유

1. 오하니 할 수 있다면, 나도 할 수 있어!

2. 내 아이돌 대문에. 소녀시대누나들 와 엑소형들 데뷔전은 더 많이 힘들어요.

3. 내 꿈이 때문에. 내 꿈은 한국에서 거주하는 것입니다. 내가 한국에서 일 것입니다. 내가 SM에서 일 하고싶은데!

4. 내 꿈을 실현하고 싶어요. 소녀시대누나들 친구 하고싶어요. (엑소형들더 ><)

5. 크리스와 함게 악수를 합니다. >//<

6. CIE는 아무것도 아니다! 선배가 할 수 있다면, 내가 왜 안돼

7. 누가 제일 잘 나가? 내가 제일 잘 나가!

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