movie day

November 28, 2012

today was a movie day! ^^ after lunch my dad dropped my bro, sis, and i in Jusco to watch Breaking Dawn Part Two :D IT WAS AWESOME!! i'll write my review on the movie tomorrow ^^

*see what i did there? XD* here are our tickets! :D

we were gonna drink Chatime while watching but the stupid staff broke their refrigerator so they couldn't make ice or something == then that bitch who put in pearls and grass jelly even had the cheek to talk chuan-ly to a customer ==

and during the movie there were these noisy people behind us ==

but still, i enjoyed it :D i'll save my ranting for tomorrow's review post. please look forward to it! i'm currently typing it now :D i'll try my best. i made one on Part One of the movie too :)

after having dinner with my family at Wooley's, we watched another movie at home ^^ BRAVE! i love the Irish accent XD its been such a long time since i last watched a Disney movie. it felt good :)

ps. we had ice cream with crushed oreo bits for dessert at home ^^

and since i'm very emotional *O.O* and very attached to Twilight (i read all four books even before the first movie came out! REALLY!), here's the last part of the movie, which is when Bella reveals her thoughts to Edward by pushing her "shield" away from herself :D FLASHBACK OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED and i was like...emotional XD *there is no other suitable word*




i can't find it on YouTube :| oh well >< i did find this clip where Bella first woke up as a vamp.

watch the movie while its still in the big screen guys. IT IS SO WORTH IT.

pps. ahahahaha the Renesmee poster is not official. i don't know if there's a Renesmee poster O.O i can't find one.

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  1. yeah, i enjoyed the Twilight movie~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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