Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

November 19, 2012

yes, i'm posting about her! x) i'm not usually into jpop, but she's a really interesting person that i just had to post about her!

Kyary's official stage name is Caroline Charonplon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu @.@ she was a fashion blogger from Harajuku and started her musical career last year with PonPonPon. 

at that time my brother showed me the MV and i was like O.O japanese people are weird~

but my friends and i enjoyed it :D we thought she was a one hit wonder though~

last week, my brother found out that she had other music videos and he's totally into her songs now XD now i don't think that's she's weird, just...unique. in a good way.

this is the MV for Candy Candy. i like the MV but i don't like the song that much :O

and here's the MV for Tsukematsukeru ^^ i like this song but i don't like the MV that much...

my brother said he likes this MV :O its her newest song~

she's REALLY PRETTY! @.@

she's one of my new female biases ^^

i saw some of her behind the scenes videos for her MVs and she's quite...normal XD kinda like a kpop artist but in a different way. she DOES look very japanese and its hard to find any photos of her without makeup. this is the most normal looking one i found:

anyhoo~ she's one of the very few jpop artists that i like (first is Arashi *cos i liked their songs when i was in elementary* and EXILE *i like their Rising Sun MV :D*

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