last day of school + bro's birthday

November 8, 2012

today my school had a talent competition, but there were only 12 participants :O
today is also my last day in school, im not gonna go tomorrow XD HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! ^^

my mum bought donuts and muffins from mister donut again today, so i tried the chocolate chip muffin :)

today is also my brother's birthday! ^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^^

ooh, can you see the reddish tint in my hair? XD
should i dye my hair this holiday? hmm.

we went out for dinner tonight. it was chilly outside @.@ rain was everywhere~

we went to our favourite pizzeria: Michelangelo's ^^ i might be working part-time there. the manager said that she'll have to ask the boss if they'll let a 16-year old work, because she said i had to be at least 17~ she said she'll call me as soon as possible :) i hope i get the job! XD

we went to Kinta Riverfront after dinner. seriously, Ipoh is getting prettier and prettier! look at these neon trees by the river! they're planning to make this spot into an attraction :D

and even though it's a very chilly night, we still headed to Chatime for drinks XD thanks mum and dad ^^

happy holidays everyone! ^^

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