November 16, 2012

i decided not to upload all 500 pictures and just uploaded all the necessary ones (in a new account. LOL). so here's my blog post about all that happened at the very beginning of our school holidays! ^^ i hope you'll enjoy this post and be inspired to go to Legoland too XD

click on the photos to enlarge them :D they look much better bigger.

10.11.12 [SATURDAY]

a very special date! XD 10.11.12! they said that the next ascending date will be next year, 11.12.13, and that there won't be another one in quite some time.

anyway, my whole family got up early in the morning and at about 6am, we were on our way to JB :D

IT WAS A SIX HOUR DRIVE @.@ plus all the stops we made on the way to rest and stretch our cramped limbs (my family of nine people rode a Kia Carens to JB O.O), the journey took a little over 8 hours @.@

during the ride i just listened to my ipod and slept -,- when i woke up and got bored, i ate and just played with the camera. IT ASS FRICKIN HURT :(

i had my breakfast in the car @.@
when i woke up, it was already bright outside~
i was so glad when Dad said that we only had a few km left till we reached the hotel *.* he had lunch at a stop before checking in.

that's my grandma, my worn our shoes and the JB sky.

after checking in the hotel and resting for a while, my family and i went around JB :D the first place we went to was a very nice area with lots of lanterns for Deepavali. i forgot to bring the camera /.\ so i only have instagram photos for that night.

after shopping and dinner, we asked the staff at Subway and they said that a nice place to shop would be the Johor Bahru Citu Square. we went there and stayed till closing time XD we saw a sign that said we could cross over to Singapore!

we headed back to our hotel and watched the tv till we all fell asleep. my smaller brothers forgot to go back to their room so we all slept together in a crowded room. LOL.

11.11.12 [SUNDAY]

i woke up with a stiff neck @.@ it hurt like bitch :*

anyway, i also woke excited! ^^ D-DAY! :D even the morning sun was prettyyyyy

my mum, grandma and helper were going to go shopping and weren't going to come and play with us :O so we separated. it was quite confusing because the GPS lead us to the middle of a field -,- LITERALLY! so we asked for directions and ngam ngam hou reached there at 10am! *their opening time :D*

the sky and road signs. i couldn't help myself. i was too excited so i took photos of everything Legoland related that i saw on the streets XD

outside of Legoland was the Mall of Medini. there were caricature artists there! :D they immediately reminded me of Khuntoria XD even on holiday i still think of kpop @.@

here's how the entrance to Legoland looks like :D

while my dad was settling the tickets *he bought 4 online but still needed to buy an extra 2 more for my little brothers*, we found out some stuff about this Legoland. its the first in Asia and its not yet 100% finished. the Water Park and Hotel will be opening in 2013 and 2014. ITS ALL LEGO THEMED. my brothers and my sister were really excited cos ever since they came out of my mum's stomach all that they've ever played with was Lego *influenced by my dad XD*

when we got our tickets, WE WERE SO PUMPED! :D

here's a map of Legoland:

first place we went to was the Brick Shop.

there were lots of Lego keychains ^^

next, we went to Lego Technic.

next ride we went on was Project X!

WE SCREAAAAAAAAMED! XD we had our pictures taken :D

LOL my face. we had some nuggets for lunch because they were out of everything else @.@ we ate in the Robot Kitchen.

there was this big Albert Einstein head there beside the restaurant!

i really liked it there ^^ the weather was quite good too~

next stop that we reached was Miniland. countries and their landmarks, all made of Lego! :D i forgot which is which though, so...

some of the boats, buses, cars, cranes and dancing people were moving :D *sorry is the pictures aren't that good >< i was trying to take as many pictures as i could and i was just snapping away XD*

next part that we went to was the Land of Adventure! *i kept on remembering Adventure Time XD* its partly Egyptian themed and partly...ancienty?? LOL i have no better word.

all this while that i've been taking pictures, not one picture of me had been taken T^T so i though...SELCA TIME XD

while my two small brothers played in the play pen, my brother, sister and i rested for a while @.@ it was getting quite hot outside~

but i look so weird T^T

we went to buy drinks afterwards and saw this nice ride that we wanted to try! the water slide! ^^ it was so frickin hot at that time that all i could think of was "HOMAHGAWD I WANT TO RIDE THAT" but since we didn't bring extra clothes...==

next was Lego City :D 

there was a fire truck thing there, so we tried it :)

nearby was a theatre and there was gonna be a show soon, so we went in and watched :D

there was a house inside~ and there was this dancer! she was amazing!

the next performance was a funny one XD the character in red, Mo, looked...BAK QI! XD he's so tall and the MC was so short!

there was this baby alone in the seats O.O i dunno if she was lost or just waiting for her parents @.@

nearby the theatre was a fountain and a market restaurant :D

while my brothers went car riding, my brother, sister and i went to look in the shop for presents. EVERYTHING WAS EXPENSIVE AS SHIT.

remember the Brick Shop at the start?

well, my siblings bought some figures XD

my dad went to buy some stuff, so we sat at the benches while waiting.

and eventually, we had to say goodbye to Legoland T^T

we had some chinese food for dinner that night.

it was the first night i tried Blackball ^^ i like it!

12.11.12 [MONDAY]

another special date! ^^ why? because its my birthday! ^^ HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN TO MEEEEEE~

i had nicer pictures but at the end of the day i found out that my sis deleted them == I WAS SO PISSED! through out the whole trip, i only took a handful of photos of myself and she DARES to delete them?! and on my birthday tim??! ==

anyhoo, we went to a mall for some shopping and lunch :)

my dad bought me new shoes ^^

we walked around and shopped some more. our next stop was the Johor Premium Outlets! ^^ they sell branded stuff at a very cheap price! all original! but we couldn't find it and landed ourselves at the Duty Free instead =,= it sucked there.

dinner that night was Domino's pizza. it was raining quite hard and was cold out. people might think that that's a bad omen on a birthday, but i really like the rain XD so for me it was a good thing to happen.

the cold weather made the glass windows of the store mist up, so since we were the only customers that night, we wrote stuff over the whole wall XD

i love my grandma ^^

13.11.12 [TUESDAY]

we planned on passing by KL on our way home to Ipoh, but we ended up heading to Genting Highlands! == stupid GPS! so we didn't get to go and shop in KL T^T

we arrived safely ^^
it rained again for a while that night. my brother Euri wanted to go to the night market, so when we went, it was quite cool /u\ i saw Naomi and SwetYee! XD

finally, my post has ended ^^ i hope you enjoyed reading this super long post and keep on reading my posts! ^^

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