BIGBANG Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 Malaysia

November 1, 2012

i was too tired to write this on Monday and i was still collecting my thoughts yesterday. 드디어, 끝났어요! Finally, i'm done! ^^ Here's all about my short KL trip with my friends to go watch Bigbang's Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 in Malaysia! ^^

Friday (26.10.12)

i was supposed to wake up at 6am but i woke up at 8am because i couldn't sleep the night before due to excitement /.\ therefore i forgot to bring my ipod! ==

i wore my jacket and had my Metoo bag as my carry on :)

i then left for Sandra's shop/her house. When i got there, Naomi and Sandra only just woke up. They painted their nails for the concert so i did too, but i only succeeded in doing my left hand. My right hand...was a mess. Yoke mun joined us later and the four of us left for the train station!
in the train station, we saw our form teacher XD she was headed to KL to visit her family. she told us to have a safe trip and to enjoy :))

its was my first time riding a train! i thought the train we wete going to ride was like the trains in Harry Potter XD but it was kinda like the trains that YongSeo and Khuntoria rode! ^^ Naomi and Sandra rode in Coach E while Yoke mun and i rode in Coach F. It was a fun ride! I was watching the TV XD i got to watch the lest half of the Green Lanterm movie and some cartoons. It was still quite early i think, because there weren't that many people. But as we passed by more stations, the coach gradually started to fill.

We reached KL at about 1~ the KL train station was kinda like an a airport XD

first place we headed to was the Mandarin Court hotel. The taxi driver asked us why we were in KL and when we told him we were there for the Bigbang concert, he said: "Ohh, just the recently T-ara also came to Malaysia right?" XD shock dao! Even an uncle knows kpop stars now??

The Mandarin Court Hotel was just behind Stadium Merdeka and here's the view from our room window! ^^

after unpacking we headed to Sunway Pyramid. Its Malaysia's first themed mall! 

They had an ice skating rink, and its the first i've seen here in Malaysia! I used to skate in the Philippines whenever we happened to pass by an ice skating rink. I didn't get to skate though~ i will come back with my family and skate once again! ^^ After lunch we headed to Red Box to sing karaoke. We were crazy! We sang to Fantastic Baby to rehearse for the concert XD as we were buying our dinner, Yokemun and i couldn't stop singing Beyonce's Love on Top! She is awesome...

In the hotel we ordered Pizza hut and drank champagne ^^ 

we then played games and there's this particular chinese word game where the next player has to continue with the last word that the previous player used. My chinese is super basic T^T it was a fun night :)

we kept on looking at the stadium ><

27.10.12 (Saturday)

D-DAY! :D we got up really early~

and at about 6++ am we were already lined up. A fan who was already lined up was staring at us and when we asked her for directions, she pointed us to our line. There were already some people but only about...15 in our line. We were so happy! ^^ Naomi and Sandra went to buy breakfast for us and Yokemun and I were there listening to Bigbang songs and trying to memorise them. We made some new malay "friends" who could speak in chinese XD

At 10am Yokemun and I went to look around for stuff to buy, but then Naomi and Sandra came after us and told us terrible news: we were lining up in the wrong line! == Our ticket is CAT 3 Rockpit A but were lining up in CAT 3 Rockpit B! I was so frickin pissed! While we were moving our things, i was scolding the fan that pointed us to that line in my head!! ARGHHH wasted 4 hours lining up! There were already quite a lot of people there and the person in charge was so BEK CHEK! @.@ So we just had to be patient and when we were given a spot to sit in, there were about 100 people in front of us already @.@ WTF.

we bought stuff afterwards! ^^

since T.O.P's birthday is on the 4th if Nov, this card was distributed and everyone was to use it while singing happy birthday to T.O.P after BIGBANG sings Haru Haru ^^

there were two girls who were behind us and one of them was a really good artist! She was using an ink pen and was drawing GD on her sketch pad! It was so realistic!

At about 1pm we were allowed to line up nearer to the stadium and Bigbang was already having their rehearsal at that time i think! ^^ 

WE WERE CRAZY! When Daesung's Wings and GD's Crayon played, everybody was singing along! But we were standing there from 1pm to 6pm @.@ and at 3pm it rained! We had rain coats but it was so hot inside that i was sweating even more!

We were finally allowed to enter at about 6.

On our ticket it said Free Seating. When we got there, there we no freaking chairs! We were one of the first to reach the area so we were in front, but we went around to ask if we were in the correct area. When we went back to our original spot, two Hong Kong BITCHES scolded us!! They said we were cutting line and were unfair! In my mind i was like, "BITCH PLEASE, I'VE BEEN LINING UP FOR I DUNNO HOW MANY FCKING HOURS, ASK EVERYONE AROUND YOU, THEY SAW US COME IN HERE FIRST!" ==

they played music videos while we were waiting for 8pm. At about 7 it started raining again. Hard. I cannot stress enough in words hot tired i felt at that moment. My mind was spinning, i was sweating like hell and my back was hurting like a bitch. I was like, WHY DID I COME TO THIS PLACE? BEAR WITH IT. BIGBANG IS COMING.

while watching th MVs, the people all around me kept on screaming o.o Daesung's name came out a lot of times. Till that time i didn't know why they liked Daesung so much O.O

at about 7 the curtains dropped and everyone thought the concert was starting early, but they just repaired the curtains XD

everyone was crazy and it finally started! i took a video with Naomi's iPod but i haven't got it from her yet, so here's a fancam instead @.@

I CANNOT BELIEVE I WAS ONE OF THOSE SCREAMING PEOPLE! at about 0.55, GD went to our area and i was fanboying like there was no tomorrow XD 

he tripped a little bit because the stage was wet, and since he noticed it was wet, he slid on the stage XD although i dunno if its in this song @.@ i forgot

at 3.15 Taeyang removed his jacket and i though, "Malaysia is too hot! Taeyang is sweating! look at those muscles! WHY NO AIRCON FOR TAEYANG??!!" XD

Daesung and Seungri kept on coming to our side and i was like, DAESUNG IS FRICKIN HANDSOME!! XD no wonder those girls around me were so crazy! my new bias is Daesung :)

I COULDN'T BELIEVE I WAS SEEING THEIR FACES IN REAL LIFE. WHY SO PERFECT??! XD all the pain in my back from lining up in the early morning just disappeared!

after Tonight was Hands Up and Fantastic Baby. at that time i couldn't really breathe anymore, so we squeezed through the people and went to the back~

at Stupid Liar i was already screaming my lungs out, singing with them >< i was like: NAEGA MICHYEOGAYO NAEGA MICHEOGAYO!

Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung were speaking in english before TOP and GD's High High performance. Taeyang said something along the lines of "thank you for coming even though its raining"~

Seungri's EOJJEORAGO was damn yeng with that laser gun of his :D

GD didn't perform Crayon and One of a Kind alone, BIGBANG BEATBOXED TO IT! ^^

GD's "WHY SO SERIOUS" at 1.45 KILLED ME XD it was so funny!

before beatboxing Taeyang asked if everybody bought GD's album and i was like "NOOOOOOOOOOO" /.\

after that, Taeyang said that the next song was his favourite, and its none other than Bad Boy! ^^ (this fancam was taken by someone from our original position! @.@ i regret moving away from that position!)

and Blue came after that :D there was this Blue project where everyone would switch off their yellow light sticks and use the Blue Samsung LED wristbands that Samsung gave away for FREE. we didn't get any coz the line was so damn long T^T

after Blue was Love Song, Monster & Feeling :)

Taeyangs performances came after. HE. IS. DAMN. HOT! he sang Only Look at Me and Wedding Dress

HE SLIPPED DURING WEDDING DRESS! damn you wet stage! T^T the whole stadium went: "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" XD

During Wings, Daesung didn't get to fly T^T i wanted to see that! but because tha stadium was an open air one...
they should have had the concert in Bukit Jalil == BIGGER + AIRCON + SEATS + ROOF!

i was screaming: ONEUREUN OKAAAAAAAY! ^^ those dancers...are really good! i think one of the female dancers might be the extra in GD's Crayon MV :O they're so prettyyyyyy~

at long last Haru haru finally came! :D one of my favourite BB songs ^^

they sang while sitting:

TOP WAS WEARING THAT FEATHERED HAT. i was like...does he know we'll sing happy birthday and dressed differently? XD

everyone sang happy birthday differently XD some sang in korean and some on english, some used TOP, TOP-IE, SEUNGHYUN, T.O.P and lots of other names~ Taeyang was like: "TOP! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" ^^ I JUST LOVE THEIR ENGLISH! people chanted "T O P! T O P! and he said terima kasih XD GD said that the show was coming to and end~ his english...*i die* XD he was "we have some more too!" in his cute accent ^^

Lies and Last Farewell were the last two songs before the encore. after Last farewell Yoke mun and started to leave the stadium. then the audience started screaming ENCORE and three members of Bigbang were waving lightsticks on the stage ^^ Taeyang said "can i get an encore??!" or something like that~ we stayed for a while, but we were really tired and decided to leave. but we didn't think that they would sing Fantastic Baby again T^T I WANTED TO GO BACK IN!! T^T

T^T WHY DID WE LEAVE EARLYYYYYYYYYYYY??! T^T btw i saw this balloon on the way back :D I WANTED TO TAKE IT

when we got back to the hotel, i dropped dead on my bed /.\ 

Sunday (28.10.12)

when i woke up the first thought that came to my mind was "I SAW BIGBANG UP CLOSE" XD second thought was "OMG ITS ALREADY PAST 11 @.@"

after checking out, we headed to Mid-Valley, but decided to go back to Sunway Pyramid to sing karaoke at Red Box again XD while in Red Box, we found out that Seungri and Daesung were in a Gym, GD was at KLCC (though he didn't buy anything) and Taeyang was at Pavillion (i think he bought a laundry detergent called TOP for T.O.P XD)
didn't know where T.O.P was though~

after almost 6 hours of singing, we got out of Red Box and bought dinner to eat on the train ride back to Ipoh. we were quite short of time, we were lucky that the taxi driver was funny and friendly XD we were so high in that taxi! ^^
we ate buttered corn and Subway on the train :) we couldn't stop laughing! XD
i got to watch the first half of Green Latern, so i actually got to watch the whole movie XD

i got home at about...11 i think @.@ here's all of my Bigbang stuff! ^^

hen shao ahhhhh T^T I WISH I BOUGHT MORE.

anyway, that's just about it :D the next day we all went to school as normal and i rubbed my black nail polish off just after i woke up @.@ but till today, the though that's been frequently crossing my mind is:


Daesung is now my new BIGBANG bias ♥.

hope you enjoyed this super long and random post! ><

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