[07.11.12] bored :O

November 7, 2012

annyeong :)

my bro and sis went to penang for an english society trip. My mum didn't let me go :0 they were supposed to reach school at 6am and i was supposed to go with them and stay at school, waiting for 8am -,-

so i decided to skip school today! ^^

i woke up at about 10~ i found out that Naomi didn't go to school too, and my mum saw a few people in my year in jusco also XD all of us didn't go to school~ imma go to school tomorrow to watch the talent show :) i learned Ailee's I Will Show You dance and i was supposed to teach it to my friend but i didn't :|

I AM A BED POTATO XD i was in my bed for most of the time today, just watching shows and movies. i came across a quote today:

just because you're sad,
it doesn't mean you have to cry.
ahaha i just felt like it had a lot of meaning. i watched a filipino movie today (even i myself am surprised XD) it was comedy/drama~

i still haven't told my parents that my add maths paper failed /.\ should i just tell them next year? XD

2 days till holidays,
5 days till birthday!

annyeonghi jumuseyo :)

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