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September 21, 2011

XD it all started with a LENG ZAI actor from thailand, mario maurer

i watched one of his movies (if u remember my blog posts on "The Love of Siam" and "mario maurer looks like choi siwon") and he was EXTREMELY leng zai so i looked for another one of his movies ("A Crazy little thing called love" also known as "First Love") and ended up with just the MV of the main track of the movie, "Someday"

during funfair, i showed the mv to my friends (ms NA OH MI, sammi and ee shen), and they LOVED IT! but coz we were preparing, we were quite buzy so we didn't have enough time to find and watch the movie~

but recently, my friend SAMMI found the movie with chinese subs and shared it on facebook. To my surprise, a lot of people watched the movie! And until now i can still see some people posting about it! So in one way or another, im the one who started it right?? XD maybe there's another reason, someone else, but im so HAPPYYYYYY!! :D one small thing leads to another until it becomes big! ^^

But i haven't even watched the movie myself coz there aren't any english subs available -,- in a way i still lose~ anyhoo, i've introduced MARIO MAURER to my friends and indirectly introduced him to a lot more!! (i think ><) go me! go super blogger! go FISH MEAT DIE!! ^^

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