September 26, 2011

*ish i edited this thing how many times jor -,-*

to anyone reading this, I AM NOT CHUAN!! im not really like this!! im actually very NICEEEEEEEEEE! T^T i don't know why this happened~

my bro and sis recently told me that wherever i go i give the impression that i'm chuan! T^T

1. On the bus
what i think i'm doing:
- look around if there are any free seats for me to take
-  if i sit on the engine facing everyone, i put on a neutral expression and mind my own business. i don't stare at others
- i arrange my books on my lap so that they don't drop
- i sit with my back straight coz i don't want to sit with my back slumped, plus, i think it looks weird 

what they say:
- i look around as if i own the place and that my expression is like ( -3-) 
- i have a very CHUAN expression on my face while i'm sitting
- i look too PRIM and PROPER coz of my books and my legs
- i look like i'm exposing my chest too much -,-

2. In school
what i think i do:
- i say smile and say hi to people i know or a neutral expression if i don't bla bla bla

no more enery to re-write this again, this is the 4th time -,- but there are still lot's of examples! T^T im NICEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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